Brown Rice



Measure rice accurately using the plastic measuring cup that came with your Zojirushi rice cooker and add to the inner cooking pan.


Fill the pan with cold water and quickly rinse the rice once to remove any debris, and drain.


Add water to the corresponding water level for “BROWN RICE,” or if your rice cooker does not have the “BROWN” setting, use the plastic measuring cup used to measure the rice and add 1-1/2 times the amount of water to rice. (If cooking in a rice cooker without the “BROWN” setting, please limit the amount of brown rice to 2/3 of the rice cooker's capacity to prevent it from overflowing. Gradually increase the amount of water if you prefer a softer texture.) The rice should be completely submerged and leveled to ensure even cooking.


Wipe off excess water from the outside of the inner cooking pan and place in the rice cooker. Close the lid securely and plug in the rice cooker. Select the “BROWN” setting if your rice cooker has one, and press START.  (If cooking in a rice cooker without the “BROWN” setting, please allow the brown rice to soak for 30 minutes before pressing START.)


When cooking completes, open the lid and use the nonstick rice spatula to fluff and serve your brown rice.