Fluffy Cheesecake Pancake

Ingredients (makes 6 pancakes):
Strawberry Syrup:

Pancake Batter:

Topping (optional):

*This recipe was developed for the Gourmet d'Expert® Electric Skillet (EP-RAC50). Adjustments may be necessary when using other models.


Make the strawberry syrup. In a sauce pan, place strawberries, sugar, corn starch and mix well. Add lemon peel and cook over low heat.


Stir and crush strawberries with a wooden spatula, and cook until the syrup thickens. Remove the lemon peel and set aside.


Make the pancake batter. In a bowl, add cream cheese, egg yolks, milk, vegetable oil, and mix well.


Sift flour and baking powder into the cream cheese mixture and mix well.


Set the Flat Plate of the Gourmet d’Expert® Electric Skillet and turn the temperature to 320°F to preheat. 


Make the meringue. In a separate bowl, beat egg whites until foamy with a whisk. Do not over whisk. Gradually add sugar and lemon juice. Whisk until stiff peaks form.


Gently fold in 1/3 of meringue to the cream cheese mixture with a spatula. Add another 1/3 of meringue and fold it in. Finally, add the remaining meringue and fold it in. Be careful not to over mix and flatten the meringue while folding in.


Cook the pancakes. When the operation light turns off, use a heat resistant brush and apply vegetable oil (not included in ingredients) to the plate.

Make 3 pancakes at a time. Pour about 1/2 cup batter per pancake onto the skillet using a large spoon or an ice cream scooper. Add an additional 2 tablespoons of batter on top of each pancake to add thickness. 


Cover with lid and cook for 3 minutes. Flip pancakes and pour 1 tablespoon of water around the pancakes, cover with lid and cook for 3 minutes or until both sides are browned. Transfer pancakes to a serving plate and keep warm.


Repeat steps 8 and 9 to cook the remaining pancakes. Cook pancakes immediately after step 7 for fluffy pancakes.


Plate pancakes and dust with optional powdered sugar. Pour strawberry syrup from step 2 and top with optional mint. Serve immediately.