Pupusas (Griddle Cakes)

Ingredients (serves 4-6, makes 12-16 pupusas):

For Curtido (Relish):

For Filling:

For Pupusas:

*Filling can be replaced with chicharrón or other cooked meat and cheese.

*This recipe was developed for Gourmet Sizzler® Electric Griddle (EA-BDC10). Adjustments may be necessary when using other models.


Prepare the curtido. In a small bowl, mix ground hot chile and water. In a large bowl, place all vegetables from the curtido ingredients list, add salt and mix. Add vinegar, chile water mixture, oregano and mix again. Chill in the refrigerator for a minimum of 3 hours or overnight for best taste. 


Make the pupusas. For the filling, mix together refried beans and cheese and set aside. For the dough, place masa harina in a large bowl, and mix with optional salt and oil.


Knead the dough. Add water gradually while kneading the dough with your hand. Adjust the amount of water until the dough resembles a soft, pliant dough.


Turn the Gourmet d’Expert® Electric Griddle temperature control dial to 400°F to preheat.


Assemble the pupusa. Lightly oil your hands (not included in the ingredients list), scoop 1/4 to 1/3 cup of dough and form a ball. The amount of each scoop may vary on the preferred size of each pupusa


Make a large indentation in the middle of dough and place about 1 to 2 tablespoons of the filling. Bring the edge of the dough together to enclose the filling and shape into a ball. 


Gently pat the dough between your palms to form a disc, about 1/4-inch thick. When shaping the dough, make sure to keep the filling at the center of the dough, to prevent the dough from cracking and for the filling to leak.


Cook the pupusas. Carefully place the pupusa on the griddle and cook 7 to 8 minutes for each side until browned. Add remaining pupusas as you cook.


Serve with chilled curtido from step 1. Enjoy!