Zojirushi’s Home Bakery Virtuoso® Breadmaker (BB-PAC20)


Making bread at home may not sound easy, but it’s a simple, satisfying process when using our Home Bakery Virtuoso® Breadmaker (BB-PAC20). An art form that requires high-quality ingredients, superior equipment and a careful, artisan process, bread-making is a craft that can surprisingly be accomplished by both a novice and an expert.

We’ve designed the Home Bakery Virtuoso® Breadmaker to take the guesswork out of bread baking, without sacrificing any of the nuanced steps that create delicious loaves. The basic process for making bread in our breadmaker is straightforward: put in wet ingredients, put in dry ingredients, add yeast into a small well on the top, choose the setting and let the machine go to work. This simple process takes the age-old know-how for making classic loaves and streamlines it so that anyone can make bread. One of the key features of the machine is the dual kneading blades. These blades mix the ingredients evenly, thoroughly combining the flours, liquids, yeasts and seasonings into a smooth dough. The breadmaker keeps the dough at the correct temperature for rising, then bakes the bread on all sides, including the top, thanks to the built in lid heater.

BBPAC_Open Lid_Small

The Home Bakery Virtuoso® Breadmaker has three inspired and innovative settings that make it the choice of bakers. The quick baking setting makes bread in a little over two hours. The exclusive Home Made setting allows expert bakers to set their own knead, rise and bake time—and the gluten free setting adjusts the time and temperature to make flavorful gluten free bread with a perfect crust. This versatile breadmaker can even make quick breads, pizza dough, sourdough starter, even jam and meatloaf!

As with all of our products, we’ve made it easy to use with a large LCD display, a big window on the lid so you can watch every part of the bread making process, and a measuring cup and spoon accessory. The machine is easy to clean, as the nonstick inner pan can be removed for washing. And best of all, we’ve included an instructional DVD and over 100 recipes in the breadmaker booklet, so you can quickly get started.


Breadmaker makes a traditional 2-lb. horizontal loaf

You’ll find many recipes on our website, and one of our favorite bakers, gfJules, has expert tips on using our machine. Our owners love our Home Bakery Virtuoso® Breadmaker, too. Over 1100 reviewers have given this machine a compiled 4.5 stars on Amazon.com!

We know you’ll love this breadmaker as much as we do… and look forward to your comments below!

53 thoughts on “Zojirushi’s Home Bakery Virtuoso® Breadmaker (BB-PAC20)

  1. Hello, I just started a sourdough gluten free culture and I’m very excited to try it in my breadmaker. Which setting would you recommend? The sourdough starter setting or the gluten-free setting? Thanks!

  2. My coffee maker exploded and soaked my wife’s BB-PAC20 Operating Instructions & Recipes manual. Where can I purchase a replacement?

  3. Hi! I just purchased the zoj virtuoso and I made my first loaf and it was delicious but WAY too tall and big. I converted an 1.5 pound to 2 pound but my question is could I just use the 1.5 recipe and not convert it that way it won’t be so big and so much??

      • Hi, if I make 1.5 pound, do I need to change the baking time manually or just use the setting for basic white bread? Thanks

        • Hi Ivy, if you’re following the recipes in the manual, then you would use the regular basic or quick basic course. If you’re using other recipes, we can’t really advise, but you should be able to use the same course. Please let us know how it goes!

  4. What is the optimum temp of the liquid ingredients before u place it in the baking pan, About 70 degrees? We keep our house temp about 64 degrees. I created loaves with the the ingredients at our room temp, liquids, eggs, yeast and solid ingredients also. Then I had the liquid ingredients at about 105 degrees, about what I would do when I manually develop a loaf. I guess that wasn’t a good idea. The manual doesn’t really tell you the initial temp u should have ur ingredients at. And having the default rest period at 9 minutes doesn’t seem to be the answer. The Yeast is good just FYI. What do u think?

    • Hi Gary, as long as your home is not below 50°F or above 77°F, there is no need to adjust the temperature of the water. The breadmaker has a preheat or rest cycle during which the heater turns on and off depending on ambient temperature, to stabilize the temperature of the ingredients in the baking pan. If you’re still having trouble, please give our friendly customer service team a call, they’d be happy to help! Call 800-733-6270 anytime Monday-Friday from 8:00AM-5:00PM PST, or send them a message at support@zojirushi.com.

  5. How do I make the bread shorter is there some way to adjust the basic white bread to make it not go so tall please.

  6. Is it possible to make a smaller loaf 1 or 1.5lb in your Zojirushi Home Bakery Virtuoso 2-Pound Bread Maker by adjusting the ingredients?

  7. I am a first time user of the zojirushi breadmaker. I have put in all the ingredients and selected the course and pressed the start button. The rest is displayed on the screen. May I know if I need to do anything else or leave it to run by itself? How long do I have to wait before it starts to knead?

    • Hi Elaine, the REST cycle is designed to stabilize the temperature of the ingredients prior to kneading, and takes about 30 minutes on regular courses. If you’d prefer to turn it off and have the unit go straight into the KNEAD cycle, please follow the directions on page 9 of your user manual if your model number is BB-PAC20.

  8. How do you adjust the time and temperature for gluten free bread, since I don’t have a special button for “gluten-free”. I have model BB-CEC20.

  9. Hi, I’ve been using Zojirushi bread makers for almost 20 years. The BB-CC 20 is the third one I have. I have the impression that the oven temperature is a little low, is there a procedure to check and validate it? I have the instruments I need, only need the procedure. Thanks!

    • Hello! Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. It could be an issue with the recipe. Would you mind contacting our customer service team, and they should be able to troubleshoot with you. And if, it is a problem with the temperature, they can help you make arrangements with a repair center. If you’d like, give them a call anytime Monday-Friday from 8:00AM-5:00PM PST by dialing 800-733-6270 (press 1), or email support@zojirushi.com for further instructions. We hope this helps!

      • Thank you! Sorry I couldn’t reply earlier, I was out of the country… Anyway, I am sure there is not a recipe problem, I am baking by this recipe for many years, across three generations of Zojirushi bread-makers.
        I resolved today to make some tests and here are the results:
        – machine takes 630 to 637W of power when the heaters are on, which cycles, being off about 40% of the time.
        – Inside the pan, temperature stabilizes at 273-275F after 30 minutes of baking (with a thermometer fixed on the front interior side of the empty pan and the cover closed), and I think this temperature is way too low.
        – I blocked the cover switch and I took an IR photo of the element(s) on the inner side of the cover, with the cover open, and it looks that the lower left quarter stays way cooler than the rest ( and that explains why my bread started growing lumpier on one side (always the same). I’ll call Customer Support, but I am quite disappointed, I shouldn’t give the old machine away 🙁
        Thank you again for advice!

  10. I tried to make a gluten free bread using a home made cycle, but at the end of the knead cycle I opened the lid to smooth off the top of the dough and when I closed it the machine started to knead again instead of going into the rise cycle. I tried to cancel that cycle to go into rise, but it just kept restarting kneading. Does it restart the knead cycle from the beginning if the lid is opened? This doesn’t work well with gluten free recipes. Also why can’t we change the crust setting on home made cycles? I would think that should be possible. And, is it normal for the machine to make a “grinding” sound intermittently during the kneading process?

    • Hi Jodi, I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the home made cycle. Would you mind giving our customer service team a call, since they would be able to better help you with your questions and issues. If you’d like, give them a call anytime Monday-Friday from 8:00AM-5:00PM PST by dialing 800-733-6270 (press 1), or email support@zojirushi.com for further instructions. We hope this helps!

    • Hi Tina! We are only able to guarantee recipes that we have tested, such as the ones found in the instruction manual or on our website. The recipes in the instruction manual have been specifically written for the Home Bakery Virtuoso. We have not tested any box mixes and find that often times will require adjustments per the suggestions and instructions of the box mix manufacturer.

      Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any further questions!

    • Hi Sarah! The baking temperature of the Home Bakery Virtuoso depends on the CRUST CONTROL selected. There is no set temperature, as the unit is pre-configured and self-adjusts depending on the size of the loaf (either a 1.5 lb. recipe or 2 lb. recipe). It can range at approximately 248 °F to 302 °F. Hope this helps!

  11. Hello, I just received the Zojirushi BB-PAC20 for Xmas and I have high hopes for it, as I intend to use it to make GF loaves. However, I’m quite confused as everything I’ve read about GF bread in a bread machine (including posts on your blog by GF Jules https://www.zojirushi.com/blog/?p=1996) indicate that you should not punch down GF bread, and multiple rise cycles are not necessary for GF bread. Yet the GF setting on my machine indicates 2 Punch downs and 3 Rise Cycles for the GF Course. I thought the GF Course should be only 1 rise? Can you explain? Thank you

    • Hi Gina! The preprogrammed gluten free course was specifically designed to achieve the best results when baking gluten free bread recipes. Although there is research indicating that one rise is best for gluten free breads, after thorough testing and research we found that our gluten course works best when using our bread machine.

  12. I have a Zojirushi BB-PAC20. I have had it for alomost two years without any problems. Actually, I love this machine. Today I went to bake a loaf and the select course button would only let me choose regular or quick and jam, cake or sourdough. When pushing the ‘select course’ button, the indicator skipped over the basic, wheat, gluten free, and dough catagories. Please advise.

  13. Hello,
    So far, I love my BB-PAC20 bread machine. I have tried a few recipes on the manual that came with it. However, I would like to try some hearty bread types. Do you have a bread machine recipe book that you can recommend for this machine? Thank you and I am looking forward to receiving your recommendation.

  14. I have the PAC20, and want to just knead some dough (milk bread) for 20 min. I’m using the home made program and turned off everything except knead. If just noticed that the heater must be on, because it is quite warm. Is this standard? What temperature does it maintain during knead only?

  15. Hello where can I purchase this in Uk or Germany possibly. I have been searching everywhere and the USA is too expensive on PP
    many thanks


  16. I enjoy my PAC20 and have made hundreds of loaves, hundreds more rolls, etc. since purchasing in Nov 2016. I use the Home Made cycle extensively, adjusting the kneading time and rises as needed for the different types of bread I make. However, I sorely miss the ability to use the Crust Control in the Home Made cycle – I’ve tried increasing the bake time but don’t get the same results. Any chance that will get added in a future model?

  17. what is the difference between BB-PDC20BA and BB-PAC20BA.

    Both are available online from Amazon but I’m having a hard time understanding the difference of the BB-PDC20BA (Plus model) to pay the extra money for it.


    • Hi Manish, thank you for your interest in our breadmaker! The BB-PAC20 is an older model and has been replaced by BB-PDC20. PDC20 has tons more new courses like Multigrain, Salt Free, Sugar Free, Vegan and European Course that the PAC20 didn’t. This is in addition to the Gluten Free, Sourdough Starter, Wheat, Quick and other courses that the older model had. The LCD is also a bit different in that you select the course number printed on the lid, instead of an arrow inside the LCD moving to select the course.

      If you have any other questions, please feel free to write back, or reach out to our customer service team to speak with someone over the phone! https://www.zojirushi.com/app/customer_service/entry

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