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  If you are looking for the top-of-the-line rice cooker, try the Pressure + IH + Micom, and you will never cook rice any other way. If you love rice and eat it on a daily basis, invest in an IH + Micom, and you won’t be sorry. If you eat rice regularly, and prefer tasty rice, Micom is right for you. Conventional models are good for beginners, provide ease of cooking, keep your rice warm for up to 12 hours, and are very cost effective. Remember, all these models do a great job, and the added functions will give you more advanced controls to cook more delicious rice.  
A pressurized system elevates cooking temperatures to higher levels, which alters the structure of starch within each grain of rice. This change makes the rice softer and easier to digest. Rice cooked with pressure has also been found to stay soft for longer periods of time when compared to regularly cooked rice. All Zojirushi pressure rice cookers utilize Induction Heating (IH) and are micro computerized (micom).
Our Induction Heating (IH) system rice cookers are the cutting edge in heating technology. Rather than the traditional heating element at the bottom of the rice cooker, these cookers utilize induction heating principles to heat the entire inner cooking pan, in effect making the cooking pan itself the heating element. This enables the rice cooker to make finer temperature adjustments. IH rice cookers are also micom (micro computerized) rice cookers.
Micom or micro computerized rice cookers are easily recognizable by their digital face. Equipped with a computer chip, the rice cooker can “think” and adjust cooking length and temperatures according to the thermal sensor’s calculations. Micom rice cookers not only make perfect white rice, but also flawless brown rice, sushi rice, and porridge. Unlike conventional rice cookers, soaking and steaming time before and after cooking is automatically programmed.
Conventional electric rice cookers, first invented in 1955, are inexpensive and ideal for beginners. To cook white rice is simple, add rice, water, and push a button. Though conventional rice cookers were designed to make perfect white rice, they also excel in making brown and sushi rice with just a few adjustments. Also, because these conventional rice cookers are designed to simply heat, boil, and turn themselves off, they conveniently double as steamers.