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Vol.22 / December 2010
It’s A Happy, Jolly, Insanely Busy Time of Year

Your appliances are your friends; use them!: If you happen to be the family Santa, then you need elves to help you every holiday season. Why not take advantage of what you already have? Your rice cooker or breadmaker should be put to work more, not only to make your life easier ...
Vol.21 / November 2010
A Contemporary Thanksgiving

Turkey and rice can be a dynamic pair.: If you're looking for a different kind of turkey recipe for Thanksgiving this year that your whole family can enjoy, look no further. Our kitchen has come up with a unique combination of healthful ingredients that you can use for a lunch ...
Vol.20 / October 2010
Discover a New World!

In October, we honor Columbus Day and remember to be adventurous.: When Columbus sailed the ocean blue, way back in 1492, he was looking to find a shorter route to Asia in the hopes that he could open new trade opportunities. Little did he know that he had discovered ...
Vol.19 / September 2010
Celebrate National Rice Month!

September is National Rice Month. Try a new rice recipe and eat more rice. Cook white rice or brown rice like a professional with a Zojirushi rice cooker.: The USA Rice Federation sponsors September as National Rice Month to celebrate the contributions of our nation's rice ...
Vol.18 / Jul. - Aug. 2010

Celebrate the Colors of the Season with Zojirushi!: Summer veggies are in season. The hot red of tomatoes, cool green of cucumbers and shady purple of eggplants can be seen in markets everywhere. There is no better time to cook smart and eat light than summer, when you're either ...
Vol.17 / May - Jun. 2010
Flowers & Fathers

Happy Father’s Day with Zojirushi!: This is the season when the last of the May spring flowers ushers in the start of summer, June brides and the Fathers who will give them away. But don't be sad for Dads--a TV remote, pepperoni pizza and a beer are simple pleasures ...
Vol.16 / Mar. - Apr. 2010

Celebrate the Colors of the Season with Zojirushi!: GREEN is for exotic Green Tea that you've been reading about, but may have been too shy to try. There are thousands of health claims about this wonderful brew, which you can read and research everywhere. Here at Zojirushi ...
Vol.15 / Jan. - Feb. 2010
Happy New Year

What's the one thing most of us want to do when we make our annual New Year's Resolutions? If you said, "I want to eat healthier this year," you would probably be in the majority. It’s a very good goal for all of us, and this year, ZOJIRUSHI is going to help you ...
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