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As we observe the 30th year since Zojirushi America Corporation was established, we’re inviting all of our supporters to celebrate with us! Not only do we have the best of the best recipes for you from our archives, we have some wonderful prizes to give away, so read on and find out how to win!
Here are some great recipes from each appliance category over the years. Take a look and give them a try—they’re all so easy to make with our Zojirushi products!
Rice Cooker Top 3
Steel Cut Oatmeal Cheese Cake Takikomi-Gohan (Mixed Rice)
Breadmaker Top 3
Banana Bread Lemon Cake Baguette
Other Electric Products Top 3
Sukiyaki (Quick & Easy) Chanko-Nabe Genghis Khan
(Japanese Barbequed Lamb)
We hope you agreed with our choices for the Best of Zojirushi Recipes. Don’t forget there are many more in our Recipes section of our website, so feel free to explore!
Happy 30th Anniversary to us! This month marks our 30th year since we first established Zojirushi America in April of 1987. We are proud to say that we’ve enjoyed being part of our community, and we hope our products have made cooking more fun and easier for everyone who loves good food as much as we do.
We have grown from a small company of 9 employees, to a family of 40 hard workers today—all dedicated to introducing our unique brand of products to the American market. We are all working to get our products into stores so you can find them, answering your concerns about our products, or offering tech support whenever it’s needed.
Next year, 2018, marks the 100th anniversary of the Zojirushi Corporation and the Zojirushi brand. We’re looking forward to celebrating this amazing century milestone with all of our supporters around the world.
Zojirushi America established   Home bakery breadmaker is
  World's first horizontal shaped 2-lb. breadmaker launched
Stainless steel server launches and revolutionizes the coffee industry   World's first vacuum insulated satellite coffee server launched   First IH rice cooker sold
First air purifiers sold   ZUTTO® Collection launched   First VE® water boiler launched
Zojirushi 101 launched   First pressure IH rice cooker sold   First flip-open mug launched
First food jar launched   First commercial water boiler launched   Stainless steel tumblers launched
-for those hot days you just want a snow cone
-one of our favorites in recent years
-to heat and keep your sake warm
-auto steam & pound for perfectly chewy rice cake
  During the entire month of April, we will be holding a giveaway a day, every day, to celebrate our 30th birthday! Announcements will be made daily through all our social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Follow us and watch for your chance to enter. If you haven’t yet, subscribe today to Zojirushi 101 to receive an e-mail about the giveway, and follow the Blogs on our website for even more chances! Good Luck!  
Look for special recipes next month using our thermal insulation technology. Learn how to cook more efficiently with Zojirushi products!