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Some of us love bread. Some of us cannot live without rice. Lucky for you, Zojirushi has the products that can prepare either one with absolute perfection—meaning you can have your bread or rice, or both, anytime you want. And since that part of your meal is guaranteed to come out good, all you need to do is cook up the entrees to go with it. This month’s recipes are some classic favorites that partner flawlessly with bread and rice; take out your rice cooker or breadmaker and make your dinner sing tonight!
These two dishes are often found as either main dishes or sides that go well with hot white rice. They’re also delicious cold, which make them ideal for bento.
Kids love these deep fried chicken bites—probably why they’re so popular in bento lunches. The flavor is distinctly Japanese, so follow our recipe and you’re in for a new taste treat!
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Literally “meat & potatoes”, this traditional dish is like comfort food in Japan. The deep flavor makes it a wonderful companion to white rice—even if they’re potatoes. Trust us, it’s true!
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Now for our bread lovers, try these simple recipes with fresh baked bread, with the emphasis on “fresh baked”. Remember, it’s all possible with a Zojirushi breadmaker.
The classic French seafood stew that goes so well with a baguette. The traditional way to eat this is to spread the rouille, a type of mayo, on your toasted sliced baguette; have it separately or put it in your stew.
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The best bagel breakfast ever! Smoked salmon is so good on a fresh bagel—served with scrambled eggs, this brightly colored breakfast will wake up all your senses and get you ready for your day.
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Leftovers are a challenge with any kind of meal, but it’s fun to use staples such as rice or bread because they’re so versatile in the first place. You can find hundreds of recipes online for giving your unused bread and rice new life as a completely new dish.
The most popular way to use leftover rice is to cook up some fried rice. It’s also best to use day old rice anyway, because fresh rice would only turn clumpy and soggy when you try to pan fry it. When you think of it, fried rice is the perfect one-pan meal—veggies and proteins in one nutritious meal that you can stir-fry in a matter of minutes. Not only do you make use of your leftover rice, you can throw in whatever other ingredients you have in your fridge and make it all work! Even frozen peas and carrots works wonders.
Zojirushi has a number of fried rice recipes right on site, so if you haven’t visited them in a while, here’s a reminder of just a few:
Kimchi Fried Rice   Shrimp Yakimeshi, Stir-Fried Rice   Spicy Curry Flavored Vegetable Yakimeshi, Stir-Fried Rice
Or look online for hundreds of other fried rice recipes like Hawaiian style Bacon Fried Rice, the simple but savory Garlic Fried Rice or ketchup flavored Chicken Fried Rice. Trust us, the possibilities are endless.
Another leftover rice trick is to make simple Ochazuke, a light dish of rice, toppings and green tea—the perfect late night meal or after school snack. And if you happen to have rice around (most Japanese families always do), and you’re feeling under the weather, a popular home dish is Okayu, a porridge made with plain or flavored water and rice. Unlike the Chinese congee, Okayu is thicker and not often eaten regularly as a side dish, but it’s easy to digest and perfect for when you don’t have much of an appetite.
If the best way to use leftover rice is to make fried rice, it stands to reason that one of the best ways to use leftover bread is to toast it—make sense? Once again, Zojirushi comes to the rescue with some nice toasty recipes that are ideal afternoon snacks. Try these next time:
Pizza and Mayo Corn Toast   Mushroom Pizza Toast   Tricolore Vegetable Gratin in
Baguette Bowl
On a related note, you can use toasted baguette slices to prepare a Crostini, topped with tomatoes, basil and mozzarella for a cool party appetizer. Also, bread stuffing is good way to use day old bread because it starts with dried out bread cubes anyway. Look for our very own Savory Bread Stuffing recipe right here on the site. Plus, once holiday season comes along, you’ll see hundreds of bread stuffing recipes come out online—it’s one of those legacy dishes that gets passed down from generation to generation.
If you’ve already made the bread cubes, then you’re already on your way to turning them into Croutons for your Caesar Salad, or go one more step and bake a classic Bread Pudding dessert. Even after the bread has all dried out, turn it into Bread Crumbs to coat your cutlets and fish, or to stuff your meatloaf (and make sure it’s dry enough or you’ll get gummy crumbs). Just bake in the oven and toss into your food processor, or if you don’t have one, use your cheese grater!
So many ways to use leftover rice or bread—don’t waste it! And if you must, don’t forget that both are ideal candidates for freezing.
Now that your Zojirushi appliance has perfectly cooked your bowl of rice or baked your loaf of bread, it’s time to get the most of it by using these tips and tricks from us!  
  Right after cooking, fluff the rice immediately or within 10 minutes.
This goes for all types of rice cooked in a Zojirushi Rice Cooker.
When serving rice, use the moistened plastic or wooden spatula to scoop the rice.
Use the Keep Warm mode when keeping rice in the Inner Cooking Pan for later consumption.
When baking completes, remove bread from the Zojirushi Baking Pan immediately. Don’t forget to wear oven mitts when handling the Baking Pan!  
When slicing bread, using a good bread knife is the key,
especially when a loaf has a crispy crust with a soft and moist inside.
Store bread properly.
*Settings and features will vary on model.
Creative coffee concoctions! Use your coffee maker to brew some stimulating drinks.