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One pan, one pot, or one dish meals as they’re known, are the kinds of recipes you can cook using one piece of cookware—with all the ingredients in one dish at the same time. No wonder it’s become so popular these days; it’s the perfect solution for busy parents or couples who want to save time preparing dinner but still care about eating well. Most one dish meals are not complicated and more forgiving to the cook when preparing, which means it’s faster, just as delicious and nutritious, and easier to clean up! Zojirushi takes it one step further and makes One Dish Cooking completely safe and carefree!
This month’s easy recipes can be prepared and cooked using our Gourmet electric skillet and griddle—all at once in one appliance without the need for additional cookware. This means you don’t need to stand by your stove while cooking! The temperature is regulated so it’ll cook perfectly and safely on your dining table; the ultimate indoor cookout with less dishes to cleanup afterward.
A hearty salad cooked over a single skillet and dressed with fresh kale, this dinner dish will leave you completely satisfied with its aromatic blend of shrimp and scallops.
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Having a party? Cook this one pan meal for the gang on your Zojirushi Griddle and save the hassle of cleaning up a mess. Better still, cook this on the dining table and enjoy it with your guests!
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Pasta is what One Pot meals were made for. Use our skillet to saute the protein, then load the ingredients including the dry pasta, and let the skillet do the rest of the work!
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With all this fuss about One Pot meals and how trendy they’ve become, you may have forgotten that traditional Japanese cooking has had a version of their own one pot meal for centuries. The donabe, an earthenware pot meant to be used over an open flame, epitomizes the original one pot meal—and some of the most well-crafted donabe have probably lasted for over a hundred years, too! Today you can buy a wide range of this essential cookware, found in almost all Japanese homes, from mass produced ones to handcrafted, one-of-a-kind masterpiece heirlooms. The donabe is made with thick walls and come with a matching, vented lid. They retain heat so well they can continue cooking in residual heat, which makes them ideal for hot pot recipes like slow cooking stews, soups and simmered dishes. Nabemono, or simply nabe (hot pot cooking) is a popular style for tabletop dining with friends, or as a simple one pot meal on the stove.
If you decide to buy your own donabe, there are a few things you may want to consider: SHOP FOR THE CORRECT SIZE. There are many sizes, including single serving sizes to very large ones meant for groups. There’s no harm in going a little bigger than what you’re estimating you’ll need. More room for ingredients is always better than it being too crowded.
CONSIDER THE SHAPE. Shallow ones are good for groups because it’s easier to get at the food for everyone at the table. Deeper ones are good for cooking rice on the stove, when you may want that well-cooked, crispy rice texture.
GLAZED OR UNGLAZED. It could be either, on the interior or the exterior. Glazed cleans up easier, but unglazed retains heat better. The unglazed surface will probably discolor over time, but that’s what will give it character!
USE AND CARE. Make sure you season it before using. Boil some kind of starch solution first, like making some rice porridge in it, or using the leftover water after you’ve rinsed your rice. You can even boil flour or corn starch dissolved in water—heat gently, and let it cool down naturally. The starch acts to fill all the pores in the clay and prevent breakage and heat damage. Don’t put it in the dishwasher, never put it on the stove empty, avoid extreme temperature changes, and make sure the bottom is completely dry before exposing it to heat.
So, do you think you’re ready for the donabe experience? Why not try it? During the colder months nabemono is a popular dish in most Japanese households, but it can really be used all year if you like the one pot concept!
Gourmet Sizzler®
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Gourmet Sizzler®
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Gourmet d'Expert®
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Convenient lid for speedy and spatter-free cooking.*  
Designed with safety in mind so that everyone from kids to adults can enjoy cooking at the tabletop, the cooking plate sits inside a heat resistant body guard that protects against accidental injury.*  
Keep warm temperature setting will keep the dish warm while you enjoy dining with your family and friends.  
Magnetic socket detaches power cord immediately if yanked, preventing accidental jerking or dropping of the appliance.*

Extra long power cord is ideal for tabletop cooking, allowing for easy use without additional extension cords.*
  *Specific models only.
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May is the start of the tea season, when the first tea of the year (shincha) is harvested. In next month’s issue, Zojirushi will introduce the best of the desserts that pair well with Japanese Green Tea.