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Got some ho-hum bread? Not anymore, if you use some seasonal produce from your supermarket and an imaginative recipe. Typically, summertime at the vegetable bins means sun ripe tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, eggplant and corn, while melons, peaches and mangoes fill up the fruit section. We've combined the versatility of bread with all these fantastically fresh summer vegetables and made a few dishes especially for bread lovers.
If you've been storing some bread in the freezer since the last time you baked with our Breadmaker, now is the time to get it out and enjoy homemade again. Our recipes will work splendidly with an "experienced" loaf!
What could be better than a summer salad? Toss this Tuscany classic together with fresh tomatoes and some old bread. What! Did we just say something odd? One of the best ways to eat light but feel satisfied during a hot day.
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Turn your baguette into a boat full of veggie goodness by making a gratin recipe. This one is our suggestion, but use whatever vegetable you like--just be sure to use 3 colors of ingredients to get that tricolor visual appeal!
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Rusk is twice baked bread, much like Melba toast or bruschetta. We've taken the unwanted loaf ends and made some very cool, savory bread sticks. Pair with eggplant dip and you've got an easy party food.
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Exotic, but easy to make--it doesn't get any better than that. This mango dessert can be made without even boiling water, if you have a Water Boiler with hot water ready to go!
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This month's recipe included a panzanella, a bread salad that traditionally uses day old bread. Nothing wrong with that--why waste it when you can use it? You might be surprised to know there are many more ways to enjoy stale bread. In some cases, old bread is better than fresh when making these.
1. Cinnamon Toast
The classic, right? Look up some recipes and you'll find so many ways to make this favorite--probably passed down from generation to generation. But it's obvious; when the bread is no longer fresh, you toast it.
2. French Onion Soup
Another "duh" solution. You can get as "pro" as you want by cutting your bread into the same diameter disks as your soup bowls, but you can also toss a handful of bread cubes in and serve the same purpose. Either way, it isn't French Onion without the bread and cheese on top.
3. Italian Bread Soups
Born out of necessity when Italians were too poor to throw away stale bread, the obvious solution was to work the old bread into their soups. An important thing to remember is that real Italian crusty bread should be used, because the American style soft bread will just turn into sticky paste in the liquid.
4. Stuffing
If it's near Thanksgiving, then your old bread has perfect timing. If not, make stuffing anyway because it's just a great side dish. It's a versatile dish too--stuffing accepts the presence of other flavors like cranberries, nuts, sausage, broccoli or spinach without any complaints.
5. Bread Pudding
Stale bread is the best excuse in the world to make bread pudding. Yes, it's rich, but it's also rich in tradition in so many countries around the world that it could be the ultimate comfort dessert. Today it's trendy, believe it or not.
6. Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Whoa! Haven't had a grilled cheese sandwich in years, you say? Brings back childhood memories? Here's a suggestion--instead of toasting your dying bread, gather your kids around a Gourmet Sizzler® Electric Griddle and everybody make grilled cheese sandwiches! Don't forget to make one for yourself.
7. Bruschetta
Pronounced broos-ketta in its native Italy, this appetizer usually is a simple toasted bread rubbed with garlic and topped with diced tomatoes, olive oil, salt and pepper. Variations abound with the use of onions, herbs, cheese, even meats; but the idea is the same.
How do you use your stale bread? Homemade croutons? How about French Toast, or just plain breadcrumbs for your meatloaf? When you've baked in your Breadmaker, your bread won't last very long because it has no preservatives in it. So make a good thing last by using the rest of your bread creatively. People used to save a slice for the birds by throwing one on the roof. Do they do that anymore?
Savory Bread Stuffing Wild Rice and Chicken Liver Crostini Royal Bread Pudding Southwestern Appetizer Chocolate Chip French Toast
Not only does the Home Bakery Virtuoso® breadmaker automatically knead, proof and bake breads, it also has a variety of courses you can utilize. Use the Dough setting to make the dough, shape and bake in your oven, or the Home Made setting to set up your own program.
1. Additional heater on lid for even baking
2. Handles on the baking pan for easy handling and removal
3. Special gluten free course
4. User friendly easy-to-read LCD control panel
The air between two thin layers of stainless steel that make up the body of the outer container is removed to create a vacuum. Because there is no air, the temperature on the other side of the wall does not transfer over, keeping contents hot or cold for hours. This technology is superior to foam insulation or the use of double walls to maintain temperature.
Time again for school--be prepared with our exclusive rice snacks.