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How do you throw a memorable party? The answer is to have memorable food. Zojirushi is here to help you become the ultimate host with food decorating ideas that will impress your guests. Don't just decorate your desserts, transform even sushi into artistic creations that will have everyone pulling out their smartphone for pictures.
Easily prepare these holiday creations by starting with Zojirushi recipes already on our website. All you need is some imagination and a willingness to try!
  Start with our Tuna & Avocado Tower recipe and simply make it in a larger bowl. Decorate your "cake" with cherry tomatoes and microgreens, then "ice" it with some mayo. Best sushi ever!
See recipe for
Tuna & Avocado Tower
Make our Matcha Steamed Cakes and dress them up for your party. You can decorate with whipped cream, fresh fruit and homemade cupcake toppers. Bonus! They're steamed so they're oil-free and low-fat.  
See recipe for
Matcha (Powdered Green Tea)
Steamed Cake
  Let your imagination run wild here! Start with different colors of bread like white or whole wheat, and slice thin. Using a layered approach, fill with interesting ingredients and cut your sandwiches with a cookie cutter to get your shapes. Put them all together with toothpicks and...voilá!
See recipes for Bread
White Bread
Cucumber + Cream Cheese
Whole Wheat Bread
White Bread
Whole Wheat Bread
Liver Paste
White Bread
Whole Wheat Bread
Whole Wheat Bread
Smoked Salmon
White Bread
Every family has a holiday tradition that they try to keep going every year, whether it's during Christmas or New Year's Eve. What's yours? Here are some examples of household traditions from our family at Zojirushi.
“We personally love using our Gourmet d’Expert Electric Skillet during the cooler, holiday season simply because it brings close family and friends together in a cozy, homely environment. With 2 different sized pans, our options seem unlimited, though our favorite has been Japanese style hot pots! Not only easy to make, but I feel it shares a bit of culture too.”
Sharon, Administration
“During the winter, I have two Zojirushi best friends: 1) the Thermal Vacuum Cooking Pot, who helps me cook and store massive amounts of hearty chili and savory chicken curry 2) my Gourmet d’Expert Electric Skillet who is the center of attention for sukiyaki and nabe parties. Both items provides a wealth of comfort and joy which is what this holiday season is all about!”
Jamie, Division 2 Sales Department
“My Fresh Brew Coffee Maker—I use it daily in the morning. Even if I make large amounts of coffee, the coffee won't burn even if we don't drink it ASAP. It's fast and perfect for my house. It is convenient when we have holiday dinners because we can brew coffee and bring the carafe itself to the dinner table. Since the carafe is vacuum insulated, it keeps the coffee hot for hours!”
Randy, Technical Support
“What other holiday activity brings a group of people closer together than cooking Shabu Shabu in a Gourmet D’ Expert? We have been using ours for many years now and both the Shabu Shabu and our family and friends who have gathered around it over the years will always be one of life’s simplest pleasures.”
Peter, Administration
"I take my Zojirushi Tuff Sports (I have two) to my son's Winter League baseball games. They are at 8:00-10:00 at night and it is about 45-50 degrees out there! Brrr.... The kids love having hot chocolate to warm their hands and their insides between innings. It's not bad for the parents either!"
Vance, Technical Support
“Holiday season means lots of eating and sharing time with family and friends. With my family, we usually gather ourselves around nabe (Japanese hot pot), cooked in the Zojirushi Electric Skillet. Mmm!! It’s nice since there is a temperature control. With my friends, we have a holiday potluck dinner, then the fun and exciting Secret Santa gift exchange!”
Katherine, Marketing
Most of our Zojirushi products can be separated into two broad categories--what you use to cook food at home, and what you use to bring it with you, wherever you need to go.
Cook at home: We have rice cookers, breadmakers, water boilers and gourmet products that can create 5-star dishes right on your kitchen counter, or even on your dining table.
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In case you missed it, we have a fact-filled encyclopedia resource right on our website to answer any questions about our home appliances. You can watch videos on care and maintenance, as well as read up on how to best utilize our Zojirushi products.
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Bring it with you: Our vacuum bottles, vacuum mugs, lunch jars and food jars are all about transport and portability. Hot or cold food and drink; wherever you need it, whenever you want.
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There is no better way to warm up for cold winter nights than to huddle up around a hot pot dish for dinner. Next month we'll show you how to make this traditional Japanese nabe ryori (hot pot cooking), right at your dining table!