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Our popular decorating series is back with more ways to dress up our recipes to make them extra special for the holiday season. Start with our basic delicious dishes and turn them into colorful party favorites by adding a few simple touches. These appetizers and desserts are easy to make and easy on the eyes--get your party ready, and later we'll give you some ideas for invitations!
These bite-sized hors d'oeuvres will entertain your guests while they feed them!
• Mini Hamburgers (See recipe)
• Chicken Kushiyaki (See recipe)
• Mini Tomato Kebob
Taco rice is trending! Make them into party-sized cups and you've got the hipster version!
See recipe for Taco Rice Bowl
For your health conscious guests, this light dessert is easy on the eyes and on the stomach!
See recipe for
Yogurt Gelatin with Kiwifruit
Any party starts with an attractive and enticing invitation. You want people to come, don't you? Even if they're your own friends and family, you want your guests to look forward to your get-together, and be all amped up by the time they arrive! Here are some suggestions on how to write them--maybe they'll kick start an idea!
As we close out the year, let's look back at some of the trends that we saw in the world of food, according to various sources that have been watching this sort of thing.
Gochujang (Korean chili paste) is giving Sriracha a run as the foodie's ethnic go-to condiment. Korean food in general is rising rapidly in popularity according to Forbes Magazine, which listed Korean kalbi (marinated BBQ beef) and the popularity of gochujang flavored Asian tacos, as legitimate trends that have continued to grow. Who knew that kimchee (spicy pickled cabbage) could go mainstream?
Vegetarianism has always been around of course, but never has the healthy eating niche market grown to become so widespread. As Americans change their diet to watch for calories and diabetes, restaurant consultants like the Baum & Whiteman group say that national chains like Chipotle have popularized the healthy trend.
Quinoa, pronounced KEEN-wah, has become the latest whole grain trend. Light and crunchy, quinoa was known as a "sacred food" by the ancient Incas of the high altitude Andes. U.S. imports from Peru have exploded in a few short years since 2007, mainly because of its high protein, low calorie health benefits. It is also gluten-free, which keeps it right in line with this other major eating trend.
Deviled Eggs seem so old-fashioned, like what your Aunt May brings to the potluck family dinner, but these little morsels of flavor have been reborn. A certain desire for comfort food amidst the rush of daily life and economic stress has encouraged modern creativity. They've been combined with smoked salmon roe, pickled cherry peppers, lamb tartare and more.
Snow Cream is the new Shaved Ice. With this concoction, flavors like green tea, mango, honeydew melon, lychee, even condensed milk, are frozen into the ice and shaved off in ribbons. The consistency is closer to ice cream than shaved ice, but icier. Originating in Taiwan, Snow Cream shops have sprung up in strip malls in California, and the trend will surely move across the country.
Tea is not the new coffee yet, but analysts at the World Tea Expo seem to think that the timeless beverage is on the verge of exploding. They predict a 50% growth in premium tea sales by 2016, and cite the taste and enormous depth and range of tea that other beverages cannot match. Research firm Euromonitor agrees--although tea ranks behind coffee and soda in retail sales, tea seems ready to step up to global primetime. Major players, like Starbucks which acquired Teavana last year, have already started the movement.
Popcorn was declared the snack food of 2013, and it didn't disappoint. Gourmet popcorn showed up in all sorts of flavors this year, including everything from black truffles to Italian Campari to wasabi flavored. Snack foods being so fickle, it remains to be seen whether the trend continues, but popcorn has a lot going for it--it's light, equally adaptable to savory or sweet, and it's a true whole grain.
Sources: Bon Appétit, Fox News, Forbes, Baum & Whiteman, World Tea Expo, Euromonitor, Sterling-Rice Group, Eating Well
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