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By popular demand from our readers, this month's special issue focuses on decorating your holiday table with dressed up Zojirushi recipes. We've taken some of your favorite dishes and re-imagined them all, seasonal style. We're going to take the stress out of your holidays by showing you how festive these delicious recipes can be, just in time for your big party or family get together. We also have some customized gift ideas, so read on and find out how to find that perfect gift for that particular someone!
Start by making your party table look as merry as it's going to taste!
Everybody loves salmon sushi. Follow our original recipe for Smoked Salmon Sushi and turn it into a festive cake centerpiece!
Smoked Salmon Sushi Style
Line wax paper to two different sized cake pans. Alternately layer smoked salmon, sushi rice and green onion to the pan. Begin with a layer of smoked salmon. Decorate with shrimp, white fish, fish roe, green beans, dill, lemon and whipped cream cheese.
Start with our easy to bake Chocolate Cake using your breadmaker. Double the choco-heaven with chocolate ice cream and put together these parfait treats!
Chocolate Cake
Cut chocolate cake into bite-sized cubes.  Place chocolate flavored ice cream into serving glasses. Top ice cream with cake cubes, whipped cream, raspberry, chocolate sauce and cake sprinkles. Add mint leaves to the parfait.
These steak skewers make excellent appetizers or even a main dish. The two sauce choices make it a conversation starter, open for a lively debate!
Diced Steak with Chimichurri Sauce
Diced Steak with Japanese Grilling Sauce
Prepare the two sauces. Cut steak meat into cubes. Grill meat and tomatoes. Skewer with picks and plate with greens.
Hate procrastinating with your holiday shopping? Dislike gift cards with a passion? Can't think straight when the days start to close in? No worries...take a deep breath and follow this handy chart. Zojirushi has something for everyone if you just think about who you're shopping for! Choose YES or NO and follow the arrows to that ideal Zojirushi gift!
The ZOJIRUSHI Gift Personality Profile
Yes or No? Answer each question about your friends and family, and find the perfect gift!
  Social Butterfly   Adventurer   Creative   Fashionable

Zojirushi Gift
Zojirushi Gift
Zojirushi Gift
Zojirushi Gift

If they are particular about the texture and taste of rice, how about a rice cooker with built-in AI technology? It will cook rice to their preference no matter how cool or warm the surrounding temperature is, and even after years of use.
Do they enjoy baking bread but have dietary concerns like celiac disease? Besides settings like bread, cake, dough and the custom course, this breadmaker includes a special setting that is finetuned to bake gluten free breads.
Do they eat pasta or bread more than rice, but prefer to have it perfectly cooked when they do eat rice? This one cooks a small batch using Induction Heating so that rice is cooked fluffy and tasty each time.
This rice cooker is perfect for those who enjoy different cuisines. A rice cooker that comes with Jasmine setting will definitely help expand their palate.

This breadmaker is perfect for those who enjoy freshly baked bread daily. It comes with an easy to carry handle and cord storage to keep their kitchen organized.
A water boiler is a useful gift if they use hot water often, as it will keep water warm at the selected temperature for as long as it’s plugged in. The vacuum insulated keep warm setting will help to conserve energy as well.
A white water boiler is great for a modern style bright kitchen. This unit includes one of Zojirushi’s newest features, Quick Temp – it brings water to the selected temperature faster than the other models.
This 10 cup coffee maker comes with a vacuum insulated stainless carafe that will keep freshly brewed coffee hot for hours without the burnt flavor. Since the carafe is vacuum insulated, the outside wall will not get hot, allowing it to be taken anywhere.

One of the popular models of the Zojirushi water boiler collection, this unit features 4 keep warm temperature settings that are optimal for brewing a variety of teas. The sleek design will go well with any kitchen color scheme.
Do they enjoy cooking for friends and family? This unit’s wide-sized plate makes cooking multiple large pancakes or pork chops simple! It is designed with safety in mind so they can eat more and worry less.
There is no need of setting up the grill to barbeque or grill with the Zojirushi Indoor Electric Grill. The grill will allow them to set it to their preferred temperature. Plus, cleaning is much easier than an actual grill.
If they like to host parties with delicious foods, how about a Gourmet d’Expert® electric skillet? The various keep warm temperature settings will keep their dishes warm throughout the party.

The Ms. Bento® Stainless Lunch Jar will keep their lunch hot or cold for hours so that they can enjoy their lunch deliciously during lunch time. It comes with a convenient tote bag and a spork.
Tea lovers will surely enjoy a cup of tea to go! This mug comes with a tea leaf filter so they can enjoy freshly steeped tea anywhere, anytime.
With this Travel Mug, they can enjoy iced tea on a hot day or soothingly warm tea on a chilly day. It is designed to perfectly fit in their car cup holder, and the lid comes with a lock to prevent it from opening accidentally.
A Zojirushi Food Jar is the perfect item to have for packing soups. Did you know that you can also cook using the heat retention of the food jar? This is a convenient gift for the busy bees.
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  Irish Breakfast
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Miso-Marinated Chicken Teppanyaki
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  Leek and Potato Soup
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  Chicken Tortilla Soup
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How are you doing in the chilly season? In the next month's issue, we will feature 3 soup recipes from around the world, that are perfect for lunch. Serve them in the Food Jar and enjoy.