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Here’s a brilliant idea—use your helpful Zojirushi product to create a winning dish this holiday season. We’ll show you how to transform some of our favorite recipes into an awesome creation for the season. You’ll see how easy it can be with Zojirushi. Then you’ll see how our terrific appliances can make even more terrific gifts for your friends and family. There you go, holiday party prep and holiday gift suggestions all rolled into one. Boom! Done!
These are some of our classic popular recipes from the Zojirushi kitchen. Take a look at how we’ve dressed them up for a merry feast!
Turn your sushi rice tower into a sushi rice decorative holiday tree—it’s super easy to do with simple ingredients. And your Zojirushi rice cooker.
Tuna & Avocado Tower recipe
Form a tower by layering rice, tuna, avocado and more rice.   Make three cucumber ribbons using a peeler. Assemble tree shape using toothpicks and sugar plum tomatoes.   Mix together wasabi paste and mayonnaise into piping bag then pipe around sushi tower.
You can make a yummy rusk from scratch with a Zojirushi breadmaker—then all that’s left to do is to decorate it in party colors. Serve to your guests and watch these treats disappear!
Crispy Matcha Rusk recipe
Crush mint candies with a large spoon in a heavy-duty plastic bag. Pulverize dried raspberries with a food processor.   Mix powdered dried raspberries in 2/3 of the melted white chocolate.   Spread remaining 1/3 white chocolate and 2/3 mixed chocolate onto baked baguettes and decorate with crushed mint candies, decorating gel and sprinkles.
Use your Zojirushi electric skillet as a steamer and you can make these personal steamed matcha cakes. Then spruce them up for your party guests for a fun presentation.
Matcha (Powdered Green Tea)
Steamed Cake recipe
Line silicone cupcake cups with slitted parchment paper. Make matcha steamed cake.   Make a hole at the center of strawberries with pretzel sticks and slice strawberries in two. Stick a pretzel stick to the center of each cupcake.   Pipe whipped cream onto cupcake, between strawberries and assemble the figure. Draw a face with decorating gel.
Where did Santa Claus come from?
The most famous chubby guy in the world goes all the way back to the 3rd Century. Legend has it that a kind and generous monk named St. Nicholas, who lived in what is now modern-day Turkey, traveled the country helping the poor and sick. One popular story tells of him saving three poor sisters from a life of prostitution and slavery by giving each of them a dowry so they could be married instead. By the Renaissance period, St. Nicholas had become the most revered saint in Europe, and the anniversary of his death in December was celebrated as a lucky day.
In the 18th Century, St. Nick came to America by way of Dutch immigrants, who also brought his nickname, Sinter Klaas, which eventually evolved into Santa Claus.
Where did the Candy Cane come from?
There are many stories about the origins of the candy cane, and because they are so closely associated with Christmas, many of them come from Christian folklore. One such account gives credit to a 17th Century German choirmaster who made the candy sticks to keep his noisy children quiet during church services. But because it wasn’t too respectful to have them eating candy in church, he added the hook shape to remind the children of a shepherd’s staff, who came to visit the infant Jesus during his birth.
Why are the holiday colors Red and Green?
Who decided that Christmas should be decorated in Red and Green anyway? Some historians like to point to the ancient Romans, who celebrated Saturn, the god of agriculture, from December 17th to 25th. Wreaths of holly were decorated in homes and given away as gifts, so the green of the leaves and the red berries became the predominant colors during this season. One theory is that when Christianity eventually took over the Pagan dieties, they kept the tradition to celebrate the birth of Christ.
  Our Zojirushi family of products make wonderful gifts for friends and family. There are technical features built into every one of them that make them not only easier to use, they’ll be appreciated over time by whoever gets them for their home.  
Our breadmakers have so many course settings, you can bake virtually any kind of bread, including cakes, jams and dough—for pizzas or pasta. Explore the possibilities and have fun being a one-person bakery, right out of your kitchen.
2/Rice Cookers
Zojirushi Rice Cookers have a keep warm function that keeps the rice at an optimal serving temperature, even hours after it’s finished cooking. Imagine being able to enjoy hot rice anytime you want! With timer settings, the cooker can also begin the rice cooking process whenever you want—just set it and forget it.
3/Coffee Makers
If you are the designated host/hostess this year for the family get together or if you need to contribute to the potluck, bring your Zojirushi Coffee Maker. The stainless steel carafes are thermally insulated and will keep your coffee hot enough to drink for hours.
Zojirushi Tumblers make great gifts for just about anyone—the ability to keep drinks hot or cold for hours with thermal insulation is so useful at your desk at work, or while you relax at home. Once you’ve tried using one, you’ll be tempted to get one for everyone in the family.
This is the ultimate gift that can be opened right at the party and used right away! You may not really do that, but there are definitely happy times built into cooking and eating with everyone at the table. Numerous safety features make our Gourmet products carefree, and optional parts like the takoyaki plate for the EA-BCD10 can increase the WOW! factor.
Our recipes next month will feature our skillets and griddles. Stay tuned for some delicious dishes to warm up your winter!