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Just in time for the holidays, Zojirushi introduces its first ever Toaster Oven! This versatile appliance is the perfect counter companion—able to prepare a variety of dishes, from breakfasts to midnight snacks. Our recipes this month show you why you may never turn on your regular oven again, if you have the Zojirushi ET-WMC22. Shopping for friends and family? Consider our new addition to the Zojirushi Family!
You can cook almost anything in your Toaster Oven. Try these recipes and we’ll prove it. All of these dishes are easy to prepare and perfect for your holiday party. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back this season!
Anything is amazing with bacon, right? Try this savory favorite—the smell from your toaster oven will make your mouth water! An impressive appetizer for your next home party.
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A classic treat done easy, Zojirushi style. When you need an appetizer that everyone in your party will love, across generations, this is the one you want.
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This is Italian salad on bruschetta. Light, fresh and sophisticated. The colors on this dish will brighten up your party spread too!
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Most of us here in America celebrate Christmas and New Years Day during the holiday season, but being the diverse country that we are, there are several other holidays that are celebrated as well, depending on our religious beliefs or culture. Just in case you were wondering, here’s a primer on the other significant holidays around this time of year. This is good to know!
From Dec. 26th to Jan. 1, Kwanzaa celebrates African-American culture during the holiday season. Taken from the East African language of Swahili, kwanza means “fresh fruits of the harvest”, and the week culminates in a feast and gift-giving. It was created in 1966 by the American activist Maulana Karenga, who wanted African-Americans to reconnect with their African cultural and historical heritage.
Diwali is a popular seasonal festival in India that celebrates the Festival of Lights for the Hindus. The holiday lasts for five days during the autumn months and coincides with the darkest night of the Hindu calendar. Temples, homes, shops and offices are brightly illuminated with candles and lanterns, as the festival symbolizes the “victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance.”
Usually falling sometime in November or December, Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday that lasts 8 days and commemorates the victory over the Greeks over 2000 years ago, that won the right to practice their religion without restriction. A symbolic candle holder called a menorah, which holds 8 candles in a row, plus one more positioned higher, is used to observe the holiday. The top candle is lit first and used to light the rest, one at a time for eight straight days.
Boxing Day
In the U.K. and most of the former British Empire, Boxing Day falls on December 26th, the day after Christmas. The name dates back to the 17th Century, when servants and the needy were given “Christmas Boxes” of gifts, money and food for a job well done, because they had to work on Christmas Day. It is also traditionally their Black Friday, when everything goes on sale and shoppers crowd the stores for bargains. It has nothing to do with throwing punches!
Las Posadas
Las Posadas is celebrated mainly in Latin American countries and by Hispanics in the U.S. It remembers the Nativity story of the Christian religion, and how Mary sought a safe place to stay the night so she could give birth to the baby Jesus. Communities reenact the story by having a procession, dressed as the Holy Family, and go from house to house singing songs as they seek refuge. The evening ends when they reach the house designated as the “inn” or “posada” that gave Mary shelter.
These are just a few of the ways the holiday season is celebrated by different cultures. How will you observe this time of year? Season’s Greetings from all of us at Zojirushi!
Our recipes this month were specially developed using the Zojirushi Toaster Oven. For most quick uses around your kitchen, our countertop oven is all you’ll need—it’s much more than a toaster. Check out all the built-in features, including a mesh guard that promotes more even browning and catches food spills from reaching the oven bottom. Less mess to clean up! A great gift idea for the holidays, don’t you agree?
Simple-to-operate temperature dial ranging from 175°F to 450°F.
Easy-to-use 30-minute dial timer and operation light to indicate unit is in operation.
Auto pull-out mesh rack allows for easy removal of food.
High-quality baking tray accessory perfectly fits a pizza up to 7-7/8” in diameter.
Adjustable temperature setting from 175°F to 450°F allows for a variety of cooking.  
Toast Oatmeal Raisin Cookies Pizza Rice Cakes (Mochi)  
Easy Maintenance Features: Glass Door, Mesh Rack and Crumb Tray are all removable and washable.  
Our next issue will ring in the New Year with traditional Japanese dishes that use traditional ingredients. Learn the fundamentals that will help you build your Japanese cooking skills!