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This month spread the love around with our cake decorating ideas and have a sweet Valentine's Day with friends and family.
This Lemon Cake has a love note attached to it. We've created a special message out of alphabet shaped cereal so you can express yourself!
1. Carefully place letters on top of the cake to spell out your special message, then color them.
2. Using a spoon, strategically shape a red heart with jam.
3. Place raspberries on heart to finish.
See recipe for Lemon Cake
In the manner of the classic English trifle, we've concocted a dessert parfait by arranging cake, pudding and strawberries in layers under glass.
1. Prepare pudding using instant pudding mix or your original pudding recipe.
2. Cut chocolate cake into bite-sized cubes and slice strawberries.
3. Simply fill a tall parfait glass with the ingredients in layers. Top with whipped cream and strawberries to finish.
See recipe for Chocolate Cake
This is Zojirushi's own Fig Cake, cut into shape and sandwiched with ice cream. If you add sauce or toppings, it transforms into a very sophisticated adult dessert.
1. Soften the ice cream slightly by leaving in room temperature.
2. Cut out 2 pieces of cake with a dessert mold. Use the same mold to form the ice cream, and sandwich shaped ice cream between cakes. Wrap with plastic wrap to hold shape and freeze to harden.
3. Plate this dessert by sprinkling with cocoa powder, drizzle with caramel and decorate with toppings.
See recipe for
Chocolate & Fig Cake
Tea for Two…or three…or more! Whether you decide to celebrate your beautifully decorated cakes with your significant other or with a group of friends, serving tea has a charm all its own. Afternoon tea can be elegant and romantic, or sociable and fun. If you entertain a few guests, have them bring their own tea leaves and compare your favorites. Our favorites can be found in the Zojirushi recipe section. Try them out and tell us which ones you liked!
Blooming Tea
British Tea
Hot Green Tea
Iced Black Tea
Iced Green Tea (Sencha)
Japanese Roasted Tea
Matcha Green Tea

The U.S. Greeting Card Association estimates that over 145 million Valentine's Day cards are sent out each year, and that roughly half of those are sent to family members other than husband or wife--usually the children. If you include the cards that kids circulate among classmates and give to teachers, many millions more.
(Source: U.S. Greeting Card Association)
We purchase over 58 million pounds of chocolate that we affectionately give to friends and lovers during Valentine's Day week, according to research from the Nielsen Company--a staggering $345 million worth. And although the chocolate's connection to romance can be traced back to the ancient Aztecs, it took a candy maker, the Cadbury company of England, to invent the heart-shaped box of chocolates that has become the symbol of Valentine's Day. Mr. Cadbury came up with that idea in the 1890's; today chocolate takes many forms and flavors. Zojirushi’s idea for a "Valentine's Chocolate Fest" is to throw a Chocolate Fondue party. How's that for a modern twist? We have the recipe and the tool to help!
(Source: Nielsen Company)
And of course, this day is the top holiday for florists, accounting for most of the industry's fresh flower sales. We purchase more than 110 million roses, the classic symbol of romance and love, to give to our sweethearts and loved ones during Valentine's Day. Men are by far the top customers, but research has also shown that women purchase flowers to send to their mothers or daughters, or even to send to themselves.
(Source: Society of American Florists)
Our cakes this month were baked with our Breadmakers and our teas were brewed using our Water Boilers. Check them out at our Encyclopedia section to learn more.
Spring will be in the air when next we meet. In Japan, that means the start of cherry blossom season and our custom of viewing them in all their glory with friends, food and fun. Next issue we will introduce you to our traditional cherry blossom viewing bento meals. Stay tuned!