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This month, our regular Zojirushi 101 will be on hold while our website undergoes a transformation to become even more dynamic for our visitors--you'll have even more opportunities to interact with us, learn about our products and follow the latest news when we open back up in March 2014. During this brief rest, we invite you to try these exotic rice recipes from around the world, new and exclusive to Zojirushi. You will not find these recipes anywhere else!
Mediterranean cuisine is known for their fresh ingredients.
We've chosen a couple of salads to make with rice, Zojirushi style.
A healthy mix of fresh fruit and vegetables, the wholesome brown rice in this tangy salad makes it light, nutritious and flavorful.
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Brown Rice and Chickpea Salad with Orange and Red Onion
Bulgur, used in the Tabbouleh salad, is a light whole grain wheat. By using brown rice instead, our Zojirushi version can become a meal in itself.
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Brown Rice Tabbouleh
From the Americas, both North and South,
we've given you our take on American fast food and Latin American seafood.
Chili cheese dogs are the best, wouldn't you agree? Did you know that chili tastes amazingly good with rice, too? Try ours and tell your friends!
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Chili Cheese Rice and Hot Dogs
Even though both Peru and Chile claim to be the originators of this seafood dish, we claim to be the originators our own Zojirushi Ceviche.
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Shrimp and Rice Ceviche