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You know the saying, “Life is short, eat dessert first?” Well, there are lots of people following that advice! Dessert breakfasts are trending as more of us are looking for more than cold cereal to start our day. This month try some of our morning recipes exclusively tested and prepared with our Zojirushi products. We’re going to take you beyond donuts and coffee with these easy to make treats!
Yes indeed, double chocolate goodness in a chocolate crepe filled with chocolate sauce. Make the delicate crepes using our electric griddle and dust with powdered sugar for a heavenly warm breakfast.
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Who doesn’t love cinnamon breakfast rolls? You can have them fresh baked by using your breadmaker to prepare the dough from scratch. Once that’s done, all you have to do is pop them in the oven and wait til it rises!
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This steel cut oatmeal recipe is surprisingly easy when using our rice cooker. If you’ve always thought they were only used to steam rice, think again. Oatmeal comes out tender and creamy—perfect for a nutritious, hearty breakfast.
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Well, not really…man has been eating breakfast since the beginning of…man. But the word “breakfast” anyway, comes from the Old English meaning to “break a fast”, which is the first meal in the morning after the period of “fasting”, or not eating overnight. Did you know that?
And think about all the breakfast type desserts that come from European origins. Danish pastry, French Crepes, and Belgian waffles just to name a few.
Danish Pastry, so popular today that we simply call them “Danish” and everyone knows what you mean, didn’t really originate in Denmark. Talk about keeping a state secret under wraps! In Denmark, they call it “Viennese bread”, after where the dessert breads really came from. In the 1800s, bakers in Denmark went on strike and replacements were brought in from Austria to cover for them. They brought their own baking techniques, which included the flaky, multi-layered dough style. Danish pastries are known for being airy and crispy on the the surface, but still very rich and buttery in taste.
Crepes originated in the northwest region of France known as Brittany, and are traditionally made from a buckwheat batter fried on a large circular griddle. The batter is spread like a paper thin pancake with a smoothing tool, and flipped with a long spatula. A variety of sweet or savory fillings can be added—from chocolate, whipped cream, fresh fruits, thin meats, cheeses or vegetables. In France, February 2nd is known as National Crepe Day—a lot of crepes are consumed, and people try their luck at guessing their fortunes while they cook them. As they hold the crepe pan in one hand and a coin in the other, they flip the crepe to see if they can catch it in the pan. A successful catch means prosperity for the year!
Belgian Waffles, as most of us know them, is the style with the larger and deeper square pockets compared to ordinary waffles. They’re really an Americanized version of the Brussels Waffle, as it is known in its native Belgium, where they can be found sold by street vendors everywhere. When it was popularized at the New York World’s Fair in 1964, they were named the Bel-Gem Waffle because Americans were too unfamiliar with the city of Brussels. The most popular waffle in Belgium is actually the Liege Waffle, which is a richer, denser, sweeter and chewier waffle. As you might expect, there are dozens of other regional waffle variations if you ever visit the country.
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Cook deliciously tender oatmeal and set the timer for a no fuss breakfast.
Bake a fluffy cake right in the cooker, no oven required!
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    Whole Wheat Sponge Cake   Steel Cut Oatmeal  
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    Meatloaf Miracle   Mango Jam  
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Hot or cold, insulation preserves the original flavor of ingredients as long as possible.
Steel Cut Oatmeal To-Go in Your
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Italian Wedding Soup for Two
  * Some recipes may not be cooked depending on the product that you are using.
Please refer to the recipe.
Our next issue will introduce some Asian noodle recipes.