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Ring in 2017 with our exciting line of vacuum insulated drink bottles--new colors, new sizes, new features! We've created some easy beverage recipes just to celebrate this product launch. Mix these drinks before you leave the house and be confident that they'll stay nice and hot, or nice and chilled, until you open the lid to enjoy.
Here's to another great year with Zojirushi--let's bring it!
Ice cold matcha is in, lukewarm drinks are out! Make this shaken, not stirred, green tea favorite right inside one of our travel mugs. Instant flavor boost on the go!
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Soy is the go-to drink for when we want a milk alternative to our coffee lattes. Stay in the espresso loop by brewing this one and loading it piping hot, right into our vacuum mug!
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There's something to be said about sore throat remedies that have stood the test of time, right? Even if you don't have a cold, this drink is so good on a cold day, you'll want to always have it by your side!
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January is Hot Tea Month--well, whaddaya know? Obviously! If you love tea, you don't really need the cold weather as an excuse to sip your favorite beverage, but why not celebrate your passion and do something special? Here are a few ways:
Try a new bag: Of tea, that is...try some of the healthy new types that you may not know yet, like kombucha, pu-erh, or white tea. Kombucha and pu-erh are highly regarded by tea aficionados as detox teas, with probiotic and anti-oxidant properties. They undergo a fermentation process which helps produce the micro-organisms that are thought to be beneficial to the human body. As with all "new age" products, however, health claims should be taken with a grain of salt and side-affects should also be considered. White tea, on the other hand, is thought to be the least processed, natural tea and is loved for its delicate flavor and aroma. The tea is harvested before the leaves fully open, when the buds are still covered with fine white hairs--which is where its name comes from.
Brew better tea: Learn how to not burn or scorch the delicate tea leaves with water that is too hot. Each type of tea has an optimal water temperature for perfect brewing. You can read up on tea teachings in our October Zojirushi 101 here.
Get on the matcha bandwagon: It's just amazing how this centuries old tea has become the modern go-to tea of the Millennials. There's no shortage of anything matcha these days, so go out and see if you can try them all--beyond matcha tea and ice cream. Try matcha pancakes, matcha macarons, matcha candy, or how about matcha affrogato, where they pour hot matcha over ice cream instead of hot espresso? Less caffeine, and it sounds delicious!
Cook with tea: Eat your tea as well as drink it this month! There are many ways to use tea as an ingredient, so get some recipes online and try some! You can bake cookies with it, use powdered tea as a rub on steaks, make soup stock with tea, smoke your grill with green tea leaves, and more! You'll soon find that you're only limited by your own imagination.
January is also Hot Soup Month--uh...yes, another obvious one. When it's cold, everyone loves a satisfying bowl of soup. But another reason might be that January is when everyone wants to start the new year fresh, and lose weight. Watery foods like soup have a low calorie count compared to their serving size. In other words, the water content in soup fills you up, and as long as it's not a high calorie chowder or cheesy bisque, it could be good for weight watching. Brilliant.
And what about chicken soup being good for a cold? There have been actual studies done on this, and there might be some validity to this home remedy. Certain ingredients seem to block the build-up of mucus, which is the side effect of your body trying to fight the virus. The results of the study were inconclusive so maybe it's still all in our minds, but you can't go wrong with a bowl of hot soup when you're sick. The steam alone is like a vaporizer!
So hot soup definitely deserves its own month, don't you think? Celebrate by making a pot of your favorite recipe for dinner. You can even enjoy it at work if you take it with you in one of our Zojirushi Food Jars. For some great recipes, take a look at our recipe page.
Introducing a new line-up of colors and sizes to our popular stainless mug--now you
can travel in the style of your choice, with the hot or cold drink of your choice!
  Our new lid design for the SM-LA36/48/60 Stainless Mug has fewer parts to clean and is easier to put together. Take a look at our video tutorials to learn how they work.  
How to Diassemble the Lid Set How to Assemble the Lid Set
In the next month's issue, we will introduce some breakfast ideas.