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What are the signs that summer is coming in your part of the world? Is it the cry of the cicadas as they gather on trees, or the buzz of lawnmowers as kids start their summer jobs? In the U.S. one sure sign is the smell of barbecue on the grills and the smokey odor of charcoal wafting over from your neighbors.

At Zojirushi we are recommending indoor grilling as a convenient alternative to your outdoor BBQ. Even though the cooking methods are the same, the cooking lifestyles are definitely different. Try it and GRFS!

Although this recipe has absolutely nothing to do with Genghis Khan, this popular BBQ dish from Hokkaido in northern Japan was named after the Mongolian conqueror because it was believed that their favorite meat was lamb. Use lamb or mutton and plenty of vegetables in this hearty dish and gather the family around the grill!
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Genghis Khan (Japanese Barbequed Lamb)
This is a great meat alternative for seafood lovers who want a different kind of fish sandwich. The distinctively mellow taste of the salmon, combined with the cool Greek yogurt tzatziki is an unbeatable pairing. Put it all between two pieces of your favorite bread or bun and you've got the best non-burger ever.

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Salmon Burgers with Tzatziki

Are you a fan of grilled vegetables? If you love the sweetness of Roman tomatoes, fennel and zucchini when they're grilled, try this marinade and fire it up on your tabletop grill. Sprinkle parmesan cheese while still hot, and you've got vegetables as you've never tasted them before.
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Grilled Vegetables with Parmesan Cheese
Yes, you can grill fruit! A healthy dish perfect for summer grilling, these fruits are sensational when barbecued and flavored with some lemon, mint and a bit of ricotta cheese.

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Grilled Fruit with Lemon Ricotta Cheese

The NEW Indoor Electric Grill EB-DLC10 was just released last week.
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Large grill and high power will grill plenty of ingredients at once!
Easy to clean, and good for use
It's a Zojirushi, so it's safe! Safety is our priority concern.
14-7/8" x 10-5/8" extra large grilling surface
Easy-to-clean titanium enhanced nonstick coating
Grill plate is protected by designing the housing for maximum coverage
1,500-watt high powered heating element
Fats drip down from the plate, reducing smoke and oil splatter
Operation of the unit is dependent on proper setup and installation
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With the advances that have been made in indoor cooking appliances today, there is no reason to sacrifice your craving for grilled food just because it's too hot or raining outside. Even during summer, there are a number reasons you might want to cook indoors sometimes.
Cooks Fast:
Quality meals can be prepared quickly and without much fuss.
Easy and Safe:
Not much to know in operating an indoor grill, and the type of food you can cook on it is not complicated. It's plug 'n cook, so there's no open flames to deal with.
Being a portable appliance, the grill can live on your countertop because they're stylish looking, and even in small kitchens they don't take up much space.
Cleans Up Well:
Compared to an outdoor grill, many indoor grill parts can be taken apart for easy and thorough cleaning.
  Everyone agrees that charcoal cooking releases soot and hydrocarbons that can aggravate asthma and other lung problems. An electric indoor grill does not burn charcoal, so no such problem exists.
  People are grilling a variety of healthier foods and not just fatty meat. Vegetables are popular because grilling brings out their flavor. But fruits can also be cooked this way--pineapples, mangoes, bananas, oranges and peaches to name a few. You can also start to grill leaner meat or seafood or poultry.
  If you're able to cook healthier foods easier by simply plugging in your indoor grill and starting it up, you'll likely do it more often. Faced with turning on a hot stove just to cook a small meal with pots and pans to wash, wouldn't it be better to turn on the grill and cook at the table?
By far the best reason to cook at the table is that it brings family and friends together for a meal. This is priceless. It's the one way that the cook or host can enjoy the meal at the same time as the guests. How wonderful is that? Not to mention that it's probably the most fun that anyone can have at the dinner table if everyone joins in with the cooking--good food, good company and entertainment!

Next month we go deep into our Lunch Jars and the fine art of take out. Paper bags and sandwiches are boring! Eat the healthiest and tastiest you can, with hot lunches right from your own kitchen. Cook some great recipes especially made for the lunch jar--look for it in the next 101!