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Shhh! It's in the sauce! If you can start with the best fresh vegetables and the choicest meats for your teppanyaki, then you've got a great head start. But to elevate your grilling to perfection, you'll need a tasty dipping sauce--the foundation of this style of eating and cooking.
Give your Dad a day off from the grill this Father's Day and treat him to something special--bring the barbecue indoors and surround him with friends and family teppanyaki style. This month we reveal the secrets behind the sauces.
Traditionally, teppanyaki calls for a dipping sauce for the meat and a different one for the vegetables. Here we present two recipes for each type of dipping sauce--enjoy the flavors of Eastern and Western cuisine! If you want to eat in true teppanyaki restaurant style, cube cut your steak meat first into bite sized morsels--then fry on a griddle so you can eat right off of it with chopsticks!
Try these simple sauces--the miso mayo also works for fresh cut veggies when you want a quick light snack, and you can use the balsamic one as salad dressing, too.
This Japanese style sauce can be used with almost any kind of meat, even as a marinade if you want. Chimichurri is a traditional condiment in Argentina.
This is a traditional side dish at most steakhouses in Japan. Very easy to make, and as you can imagine with garlic, very flavorful and satisfying as a finisher after the teppanyaki meal.
To celebrate Father's Day coming up, we dug up some expressions and phrases about Dad--some you already knew, some you may have never heard. Who knew Dad was such a popular guy?
Father Time: Nope, no one defeats Father Time. He has a perfect record.
Father Christmas: The traditional British version of Santa Claus.
Child is Father of the Man: From a famous William Wordsworth poem, the phrase means our adult personalities are formed when we are still children. Thus, the Child becomes the Father to the grown up Man.
Fatherland: Defined as one's native land or country, the term also has nationalistic connotations that have roots in its usage during Nazi Germany.
Father of the House: In British government, the Father of the House is a title given to the senior member of the House of Commons.
"How's your father?": Believe it or not, this was a euphemism for sex in Victorian England, when such things weren't so openly discussed. Instead, they had a bit of "how's your father" in the bedroom. Seriously? How did couples even communicate back then?
"Luke, I am your father.": Probably the most famous line of movie dialogue in modern pop culture, it practically defines the Star Wars universe. But as most geeks know, the exchange really went like this:
Darth Vader: Obi-Wan never told you what happened to your father.
Luke Skywalker: He told me enough! He told me you killed him!
Darth Vader: No. I am your father.
Godfather: With roots in traditional Christian practice, a godfather is the man given guardianship of a child in case the real father dies. Ironically, the term is also used for a Mafia overlord in the shadowy world of organized crime. And it is also used as a rank of honor for being a pioneer in his field, as in "Godfather of Soul" or "Godfather of Anime".
Sugar Daddy: An older man who supports a younger woman with money and gifts in exchange for companionship. This is also the name of a candy--a bar of caramel mounted on a stick, manufactured by Tootsie Roll Industries.
Daddy Longlegs: Eeek! A scary looking spider characterized by its tiny body and very long legs. Not to worry--it's completely harmless to humans.
How's that for a list of fathers? If you can think of more, please write to us. We'd love to hear from you!
If you want to recreate the Japanese Steakhouse atmosphere at home, there's no better way to get it going than our new Gourmet Sizzler® griddle. With as generous a cooking area as we've ever had, the size and shape of this electric griddle make it ideal for teppanyaki parties in your own home.
More about the Gourmet Sizzler® Electric Griddle / EA-DCC10:
Check out our website for the new banners on our home page. For summer, we've got new dishes that can be found on our Recipe page, plus get a sneak preview of more dishes that will be coming up. These rotating banners are going to be seasonal at Zojirushi.com, so be on the lookout for more fun dishes and products as the year goes on!
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