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Chilly weather, hot soup and healthy eating—there’s no better time to renew your resolve and keep that promise to eat better this year. And what’s great is that you can make these recipes at home, pack them in your Zojirushi Food Jars, and bring them to work for lunch. Try these low calorie soups that will leave you completely satisfied—with a hearty meal in your tummy, and an explosion of flavor on your tongue. This is the way to survive winter!
All of these recipes were tested with our 12 oz. and 17 oz. Zojirushi Food Jars. Before you start, make sure you’re following the correct one for your size jar. Warm and zesty soups are an excellent way to get your vegetable nutrition without overeating.
A traditional Tuscan specialty, full of healthy vegetables for all the minerals vitamins you need. Bread is used as a thickener, which makes this dish a complete and hearty meal in itself.
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The great thing about tofu based noodles is that the soybean and yam flour content helps to keep it from getting too soft, even after extended cooking. It’s also lower in calories than regular flour noodles.
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A brightly colored soup dish that will entice your eyes as well as your appetite, ginger will keep you warm as well as give this soup some added kick.
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Lets’s talk about our Ribollita for a second. Did you notice all the vegetables that go into this traditional favorite? No less than 8 different veggies, if you include garlic as a vegetable. It may not be a vegetable to some, but there’s no denying people love it for its health benefits. Did we mention our Ribollita contains kidney beans too, another food group we all need for a balanced diet, and an excellent source of fiber. This soup is a sneaky great way to get your kids to eat their vegetables—and for adults who don’t like kale, well, there’s kale in this delicious soup, and kale is good for you! Typically, bread is used as a broth thickener and to add body, so guess what? This is a great way to use your stale bread without wasting it! And bear in mind that although we made ours vegetarian, Ribollita is the kind of soup that can be made a thousand different ways, so if you want to add some leftover sausages to it—go for it.
What can we say about our Shiitake Mushroom & Tofu Noodle Soup? Tofu noodles, also known as tofu shirataki, is made from a blend of an Asian yam called konnyaku or Konjac, and tofu. It is very low in calories but high in fiber content, and is gluten free. It has all the resemblance and texture of regular flour pasta, but without the calories. Compared to regular shirataki, which tends to be tough to chew, this tofu blend may be easier to eat for many people. It has a somewhat slimy texture when prepared, so if you don’t like this you can dry them off thoroughly by patting with a paper towel before eating, or pan fry them. Combining this with Shiitake Mushrooms? Winner! You might already know that shiitake is a premium source of umami, the fifth taste that gives food a depth beyond the normal salty, sweet, sour and bitter. Described as a “meaty” or “savory” flavor that is often enhanced in broths, our soup is the perfect vegetarian dish. Full of umami, low in calories, but healthy and good for you.
The main ingredient in our Spicy Ginger Carrot Soup is the ginger, obviously. Much has been written about the health benefits of the ginger root, but here’s a refresher. Although we cannot endorse if all of this really works, ginger has been linked to better digestion, reducing nausea caused by sea sickness, post-surgery symptoms and morning sickness, lowering cholesterol levels, reducing the risk of heart disease and the risk of infections, and improving brain function by slowing the aging process. Combined with sautéed onions and carrots, this soup is a flavorful, comforting and creamy puree that you can enjoy with a sandwich for lunch or as an appetizer during dinner. This is the kind of soup that if your kids like it, they’ll remember you for it when they’re older, and realize it was a very nice way to eat something nutritious, without having to be told to “eat your carrots!”
It is important to keep your mugs and bottles clean to prevent permanent stains and odor. Here are a few cleaning tips to keep your bottle in good shape, so it can be used for a long time.
Take apart the pieces that can be disassembled. Make a cleaning solution with some mild dish detergent and warm water. Soak a sponge with it and thoroughly wash and rinse the parts. Be sure to completely dry before re-assembling to prevent mold. Try drying overnight on a dish rack so it will be ready to assemble the next day.
Use a sponge brush to easily reach the base of the interior and use the cleaning solution to wash it out. To rinse, fill the bottle with warm water, then shake. Repeat a few times to rinse off any remaining detergent that may be left inside.
It is best to use a mixture of mild dish detergent and warm water.
Avoid strong solutions like bleach because it may cause rusting and damage the vacuum insulation.
Do not boil to sanitize. Yes, it is stainless steel and durable, but high heat will damage the vacuum insulation.
Use a small brush with bristle tips to clean narrow areas, like the mouthpiece. Use a regular sponge brush for cleaning other areas. These cleaning tools will save you a lot of time, trust us!
Do not use a dishwasher or dish dryer. The high heat will damage the gaskets and vacuum insulation of the bottle.
1. Black dots or dark brown discoloration. This is mold, which is very difficult to remove, and we recommend replacing the part.
2. Odors cannot be removed from gaskets and other rubber parts.
3. Nonstick coating is peeling off. The coating is not harmful, but it may make the interior difficult to clean thoroughly, which may spoil your beverage. We recommend replacing your bottle due to its age.
4. These are rust stains. The iron in water may have attached to the surface and spread. Try treating it first by filling the bottle with a solution of hot water and 10% vinegar. Allow to sit for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Then rinse. Leaving it as-is without treating it may cause the stain to spread further.
In next month’s issue, we’ll be doing our version of the very trendy One Pan Meal for very busy people. Our Electric Griddle and Electric Skillet are ideal for cooking these easy recipes—enjoy good eating while saving time too!