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Sushi has always been party food, but these variations will impress any guest; and there's no better way to celebrate with your Mom on her special day. The beauty of these sushi shapes will inspire your culinary creativity; and eating light and healthy is always a good thing.
Here are a couple of brand new recipes from us, featuring trends in sushi design that go beyond the traditional hand roll.
This style of sushi is usually served on happy occasions, looking like the colorful temari ornamental balls that they were named after. With these cute little sushi balls, choice of ingredients is open to anything you want--the more colorful the better with these guys.
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Although there are many variations of chakin-sushi, the common ingredient is the thin sheet of egg omelet that is used to wrap the sushi rice mixture. Ours is made in the shape of the kinchaku bukuro; a popular style of purse.
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Here are some variations on Zojirushi sushi recipes--any of our current recipes can be cooked with a different twist; don't be afraid to experiment!
This is a classic sushi style in which smaller or loose ingredients can be held together by forming the nori, or seaweed, into a sort of cup with the rice. The overall shape resembles that of a battleship; thus the name, which means "warship" in Japanese. A sushi Mother's Day cake? Why not? This unique way of layering and decorating the ingredients on the rice makes for a festive creation that can be the centerpiece of your party table.
1. Wrap a sushi rice ball using either nori (seaweed), egg crêpe, sliced cucumber, or soy paper, leaving 1/4" rim above rice to hold toppings in place.
2. Place your favorite toppings such as lettuce and shrimp tempura.
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3. And enjoy.
1. Place sushi rice on a plate. Cover with topping such as julienned egg crêpe.
2. Decorate with additional toppings of your choice, such as sliced cucumbers and crab meat.
3. Serve with wasabi and mayonnaise mixture and/or soy sauce on the side.
These "hand balls", first introduced to Japan from China around the 7th Century, were originally children's toys made from the scraps of old kimono silk. When rubber became available, these toys became popular as art objects--handcrafted by the aristocracy by tightly binding colorful threads of silk into intricate patterns. Today, the temari-sushi style is a popular tradition during Girl's Day (March 3rd) in Japan, prepared as a colorful festive dish to celebrate the holiday as well as to symbolically welcome the Spring season.
In a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, the chakin is actually a white linen cloth mainly used to wipe the tea bowls used to drink the tea. The classic chakin-sushi shape is more like a tiny bundle that you would mail, with the egg omelet as wrapping paper. Our kinchaku-bukuro sushi shape is a pouch, tied at the top, much like the drawstring purse design that has been popular in Japan for centuries. Young women still use this type of purse today, usually to carry quick cash to go shopping or to bring their lunches to work.
The ingenuity of the gunkan sushi cannot be ignored. Credited to being invented by the chefs at the Ginza Kyubei restaurant in the 1940s, the clever cup-like style basically opened up the sushi world to another dimension of ingredients. Now all the loose or more liquid toppings like salmon roe, minced tuna or raw quail egg could be contained on the rice without falling off. The elongated shape of the sushi was still evident, giving it the resemblance to the "warship" nickname.
If you're a sushi fan living in the U.S., you'll know what these popular sushi variations are called. You probably won't find them at a restaurant in Japan, but it shows how popular sushi has become all over the world.
1. Avocado, imitation crab, cucumber and sometimes fish roe.
2. Salmon, cream cheese and cucumber or onion.
3. Yellowtail and/or shrimp tempura, sprouts, carrots, avocado, cucumber, spicy mayo and roe.
4. Soft-shell crab, cucumber, avocado, sprouts, roe and sometimes spicy mayo.
5. Grilled salmon skin, cucumber, teriyaki sauce, and sometimes with roe.
6. Smoked salmon, cucumber and avocado.
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