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Traditionally, we serve our beloved Moms breakfast in bed on her favorite day; this year, why don't we serve up some afternoon tea? And not just any tea, mind you. We've got some fancy ones to suit the fussiest of palates, and some exquisite cakes to match. The secret to fine tea is to precisely control the water temperature when brewing. Let Zojirushi guide the way with fresh hints and with our very accurate water boilers.
This month's fine teas are brought to you by 3 important factors that work together: pure clear water, accurate tea leaf measuring, and precise water temperatures.
Try this attractive combination of zesty fruits, delicate white tea and warm crepes. This is one menu that tastes as good as it looks!
Fresh Fruit Tea Recipe:
Spring Color Crepe Recipe:
There is nothing more soothing than a good herbal tea. Add a little zing to this tea set with a slice of moist lemon cake.
Fresh Herb Tea Recipe:
Lemon Cake Recipe:
The king of green teas deserves a royal dessert to go with it. Balance the robust statement this tea makes with our light and fluffy cheese cake.
Gyokuro Green Tea Recipe:
Cheese Cake Recipe:
In America, we use the term "high tea" loosely as a kind of light meal of sweets and finger sandwiches served delicately on fine china, accompanied by various types of hot tea. The tea is also brewed in fine decorative teapots, while the pastries and sandwiches are usually presented on 3-tiered plate stands, meant to be admired while eaten. The formality and flair of the occasion seems to make most of us think of "high society", thus "high tea".
But the term "high tea" in England, where its roots are, means something entirely different. The aristocracy had "afternoon tea", also known as "low tea" because it was a social event--generally taken in a sitting room with sofas and chairs and low tables where the tea was served. These functions were more like the tea parties that we as Americans perceive "high tea" to be like.
Where the upper class had their afternoon or low teas, the English working class came home hungry and couldn't wait till evening to eat. By 5 or 6pm, their families gathered around a regular "high" dining table and had robust early dinners of bread, meats, cheese, vegetables and…a mug of tea. High tea.
Want to recreate the Ritz Hotel London in your living room with your friends? Then serve a typical menu with finger sandwiches, tea, and pastries. Here are some suggestions:
Ham with Dijon mustard
Cucumber with cream cheese
Smoked salmon with lemon butter
Egg with mayo and watercress
Chicken breast with horseradish dressing
Fruit scones
Scones with clotted cream
Assorted cakes
Lemon or custard tarts
Black tea (Earl Grey, Assam, Ceylon, Darjeeling)
Herbal tea (Chamomile, Mint)
Oolong tea
Green tea
If you really want to get into it, you can observe proper tea etiquette, but you'll have to read up on it and try to navigate between wildly differing opinions from the experts. Pinkie position, napkin placement, teaspoon stirring, how to dress, etc., etc! Sounds like fun though, right? So get some friends together and have a blast!
If you've never used a Water Boiler before, chances are you're either waiting for your water to boil on the stove, or you're microwaving it by the cup. That's fine--nothing wrong with that; but for tea aficionados, there is nothing like having hot water available at the touch of a button.
See All Water Boilers & Warmers:
Zojirushi Water Boilers store and keep hot water at precise temperatures; for example, 140°F, 195°F, 208°F. They boil the water for you safely in a self-contained system and you choose how hot you want it, depending on what you want to use it for. Tea drinkers will know that different types of teas are ideally brewed at certain temperatures. Learn more about it on our Zojirushi Encyclopedia pages.
More about "TEA & BREWING":
  Less bulk, less weight, same capacity.
Our new bottles have gotten in shape this year.
Sauces Galore
Our issue next month will focus on some sauce recipes. You can use these basics to flavor a number of dishes--or use them for dipping during Teppanyaki time!

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