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What’s your morning jolt? How about a shot of iced coffee to start your day—it’s getting warmer outside, so this idea sounds good, right? Or…or…make a carafe-full and fill up your Zojirushi stainless mug and bring it to work. A mid-day burst of energy to pick yourself up after lunch. Brilliant!

These exclusive dessert coffees from our Zojirushi barista are guaranteed to put a smile on any coffee fan—so good, so frosty, so ready for awesomeness!

Start with our coffee makers and brew some great coffee—then sweeten it up with these great recipes!
For chocolate lovers who want to go take their beloved mocha drink to the next level, try this hazelnut concoction with your coffee and get ready to pump your fist!
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Ahh, tropical! There’s nothing like coconut to bring in the flavor of the islands. This latte is refreshing and exotic enough to get your visions of paradise soaring.
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This is the perfect morning drink—a thick shake of banana and coffee flavor that can keep you going till lunchtime. Use bananas from your freezer for convenience!
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Did you know you can reuse your old coffee grounds in various ways around the house? You may have heard many of these, but just in case, let us show you some of the ways you can repurpose those grounds before you toss them in the garbage.
As a fertilizer, old grounds can enrich your soil with valuable nitrogen. Many people add it directly to the soil in their garden or to their compost piles—even to their potted plants. Adding organic material like coffee improves drainage and aerates the soil, which attracts beneficial earthworms and promotes plant growth. Do your research on this technique, however, because the acidic nature of coffee will mainly benefit certain plants that prefer a lower pH level.  
Repel pests with coffee grounds by spreading it around your plants in your garden. Coffee is known to be effective against ants, snails and slugs. It is believed that the caffeine negatively affects these pests, which tend to stay away from soil laden with coffee grounds. Some people mix it with orange peels to discourage stray cats from coming around your garden—both citrus and coffee are odors that cats supposedly do not like. Why not try it and see? Beats having cats coming around and using your garden for a litter box.  
Coffee makes a good deodorant, whether you sprinkle some at the bottom of your smelly trash can or put a cupful in a corner of your refrigerator. Dry them out and let the grounds do the same job as a box of baking soda—that’s one less thing to buy and one less thing to throw away. The deodorizing technique will also work on your smelly hands after you’ve cooked with fish or onions. Simply rub in old coffee grounds into your hands and rinse out with cold water. The key is that to most people, the smell of coffee that may be left behind is more desirable than sniffing whatever was unpleasant in the first place.  
As a natural exfoliant, the gritty texture of coffee grounds makes sense. Many beauty sites have been coming up with recipes and formulas for using coffee as a skin scrub by mixing with olive oil; or simply as a rinse with water to slough off dead skin cells. There are recipes for making mocha facial masks using coffee, cocoa powder and milk (we aren’t making this up)! What are the costs for a spa treatment today? Obviously more than the old coffee left in your paper filter.  
It’s a natural abrasive, so coffee has been used to help scrub away stubborn stains and grease from metal cookware. Just don’t do it on coatings that will sustain damage from scraping. Speaking of cleaning, we like the solution of using coffee to sprinkle on the ashes of fireplaces when you need to clean them. The grounds will weigh the ash down so you can scoop it up and minimize the dust from scattering and blowing away. This method will also work on your BBQ grill when you need to clean it out, too.  
See? Reuse, Recycle and Repurpose—who knew coffee could be so green?    
Meet our Zojirushi Coffee Brewer that was designed with iced coffee in mind. Beyond just brewing a perfect cup of coffee, ours is packed with features that specifically make iced coffee easy and delicious.
Chill your hot brewed coffee and drink it cold.
  On the Rocks:
Pour hot brewed coffee over ice and chill instantly.
  Cold Brew:
Slow brew in cold or room temp water, then pour over ice.
  Flash Brew:
A dark roast brewed directly over ice to instantly chill hot coffee. Also known as the Japanese Style Iced Coffee.
Special iced coffee water levels prevent thin or watery brewing.
Keep warm can be turned OFF for iced coffee brewing.
Measured capacity ice basket takes the guesswork out of brewing perfect iced coffee.  
New model with thermal carafe now available!
Next month, awaken your sense with our aromatic tea flavored recipes using our Electric Water Boiler!