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Ikka Danran was a phrase made popular in 19th century Japan, which idealized the "family circle", the bonding of the family unit epitomized by the family meal. This month's recipes are hot pot type of dishes that will keep you warm this autumn in more ways than one--in your tummy and with a circle of friends and family.
There is nothing like the sound of bubbling broth as it simmers right in front of you on the table, gently cooking a dish that will soon be shared by everyone on a chilly night. Try these simple meals with your family tonight and you'll see what we mean.
If you're a fan of tofu, this simple dish is for you. Yudofu is a popular way of enjoying tofu during the colder months in Japan. Flavorful without being overwhelming, our recipe brings out the reasons we fell in love with tofu in the first place.
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Oden is a Japanese winter dish containing several ingredients that differ with the region, but mostly it is about processed fishcakes in various shapes, sizes and colors. Oden may also include sliced turnip, tofu, boiled eggs, even carrots in the recipe. In fact, this is one of those dishes you can experiment with and make your own.
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A very popular recent dish in Japan, this tangy stew features a tomato based soup full of vegetables and/or meat and basically whatever you want to add. The Tomato-Nabe may not have a long traditional history, but it's a testament to how this kind of hot pot meal evolves as new recipes are discovered by trying something different. Your turn to try!
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More nabe recipes from Zojirushi!
These are some of our favorites...have you tried them yet?
Chanko-Nabe Cha-Shabu Mizutaki Soy Milk-Nabe Sukiyaki Self-Serve Cheese Fondue Chocolate Fondue
Everybody loves pancakes. If you've been depriving yourself because of the wheat flour, try our gluten-free recipe and you can enjoy that short stack again!
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There are so many benefits to having a nabe type dish--
Super easy to make. It's tough to fail when you're allowed to make adjustments on the fly as you cook.
Socially a blast. Everyone is eating and cooking together; so fun!
Creative outlet. Satisfy your inner iron chef by experimenting with ingredients that you might like to see in a hot pot.
Healthy eating. Most recipes use lots of vegetables so the dish is always packed with vitamins. No deep frying here!
And lastly, the best part of the meal--the finisher, or shime as it's known in Japanese, uses the leftover broth from the hot pot you just ate. The rich soup that is now flavored so deeply with all the vegetables, meat and dashi used to cook the dish, is now a super stock that you can enjoy as a last dish. Favorite add-ons are udon noodles, rice, ramen noodles, dumplings, or for an almost zero calorie alternative, shirataki made from the konjac plant.
Try this with your next nabe meal when you're left with only a few ingredients left in the pot. Add rice to the pot and simmer for a just a bit. Beat a couple of eggs and add that. Allow the eggs to cook a little and you're ready to serve a very flavorful rice soup (ojiya) to top off your dinner. With flavorless dishes like the Yudofu this month, make use of the leftover hot water by seasoning with miso or soy sauce. Our Tomato-Nabe can finish in grand fashion if you add pasta and top off with cheese--how does that sound?
No nabe meal is complete until the shime is served. It's almost like a surprise course after you've had your regular dinner. What a way to finish!
All of this month's recipes can be made with our Gourmet d'Expert® Electric Skillet. Use them to have family dinners or party with friends over a hot meal and conversation. There's always something to talk about when everyone is eating and helping themselves to a delicious dish--remember, ikka danran!
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