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Everything you’ve heard about all the things Zojirushi Rice Cookers can do besides just rice, is absolutely true! They’re so versatile and have so many options, there’s bound to be a model that suits your needs perfectly. Make sure you check out our TechTalk section to learn more. Our recipes this month make use of some of the various menu options our cookers have—making quinoa and steel cut oats right in your cooker! Healthy eating is trending and spreading; get on the better eating movement today and let Zojirushi help!
A healthy complete meal, including a salad, main entree and dessert—all made with quinoa or oats; and cooked to order with our Zojirushi Rice Cooker! Try these flavorful dishes just by going to your options menu—it couldn’t be easier.
Bland tasting veggie burgers are a thing of the past. Make your own quinoa patties, fry them up and dress with our tangy and tasty sauce. Nom-nom-nom! Serve on a bun or a side of rice.
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Who woulda thunk oatmeal could be so delish in a dessert? This blend of homemade oatmeal and luscious sweet pears turns it from rustic to cosmopolitan in a flash.
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Eggplant fans, get happy! Thai food lovers, rejoice! This wonderfully eclectic oatmeal and eggplant salad is tossed with a spicy Thai dressing that brings it all to life. Top with chopped peanuts for max effect!
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These two grains are regarded my many as having true superfood status—that is to say, both have tons of health benefits. Quinoa is gluten-free, high in protein and fiber and is one of the few plant foods that contain all 9 essential amino acids. It contains multiple useful vitamins and various beneficial anti-oxidants. Oatmeal, on the other hand, is high in fiber and has been shown to help lower blood cholesterol levels. Also loaded with essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients, oatmeal aids digestion and improves metabolism.
One relatively recent trend with oatmeal is the way it is being used as a savory porridge. People generally think of oatmeal as a traditional breakfast cereal, but there are hundreds of recipes that have been developed with bacon, sprouts, even goat cheese. Oats have been used like risotto and combined with tomatoes, basil and wild mushrooms. Savory oatmeal may not be for everyone—especially if you’re used to a hot bowl of it topped with raisins and maple syrup as a companion to your ham and eggs for breakfast. But it’s definitely something to try!  
The Donnelly family from Ireland will probably never try savory oatmeal. They’ve been getting along just fine with their routine of eating oatmeal twice a day—once at breakfast and once in the evening before bedtime. The 13 siblings, aged 72 to 93, are in the Guinness Book of World Records as being the oldest living family, with a combined age of 1075 years between them! They also attribute their long life to hard farm work and abstinence from alcohol, but they’re convinced their strict oatmeal diet, started by their father, is the real secret to a long and healthy life.* So eat your oatmeal like your mother told you!  
Quinoa is commonly considered to be a grain, even though it technically is a seed. It gets soft and fluffy when cooked, so it’s often a popular substitute for rice because of the lower calories and carbohydrates. Quinoa has a natural bitter coating that acts as a bird deterrent, which needs to be soaked off before preparing—but once that’s done it’s easy to prepare in a pot or a rice cooker. The versatility of quinoa can be seen in all the recipes you’ll find online—anything from salads with fresh vegetables to stuffing roast bell peppers with it. Quinoa is used as a binder in making turkey meatballs or stir-fried with garlic and teriyaki salmon, for example; the possibilities seem endless. It isn’t left out of sweet desserts either, as it’s used as a baking ingredient in cookies, breads and muffins.  
The popularity of quinoa knows no bounds and literally travels through Time and Space. Known as an Ancient Grain by the ancient Incas, it has been grown in the high altitudes of the Andes Mountains for thousands of years. The primary growing areas are in South American countries like Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador, which produces most of the world’s quinoa, and Americans consume more than half of it today. From its humble beginnings as a nutritious staple of early Incan civilizations, it made its way into NASA by Italian astronauts when they brought it into space to study its potential as an ideal food for long space voyages. They are actually considering quinoa for growing it in a controlled, no-soil environment in outer space because it grows fast and produces seeds well. Plus it does well in zero gravity and stays edible for a long time without refrigeration or preservatives. What a superfood!  
*Source: United News International
This 3-cup rice cooker will look great in any bachelor or bachelorette’s kitchen with its beautiful stainless black design. It can cook as little as ½ cup of rice so no rice goes to waste, and the steel cut oatmeal setting used with the delay timer will make perfect, ready-to-eat oatmeal for those busy mornings. Retails for around $150.
This pearl white rice cooker, made in Japan, can be a versatile tool for large families, by not only cooking up to 10 cups of rice, but also by having a versatile slow cook setting to cook soups and other menus. Multi-menu function makes it easy to cook different types of rice according to everybody’s preference. Retails for around $250.
This 3-cup rice cooker not only cooks rice, but also has settings for steel cut oatmeal and quinoa, so your student can easily cook a variety of grains with one machine! Its small footprint doesn’t take up a lot of space, making it perfect for dorms and small apartments. Retails for around $140.
Zojirushi’s 100 years of innovation culminating in 1 product; the Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker & Warmer. The combination of Micom, IH and Pressurized Cooking ensures each grain of rice is cooked perfectly to its core, and its Artificial Intelligence will make sure the results are consistent, even after years of use. Retails for around $530.
High Tech. Elegant Design. Made in Japan. And with menu settings like Jasmine White Rice, GABA Brown Rice, and Sushi Rice, this unit has it all. Micom makes it easy to use every day, and its generous 5.5-cup capacity makes it convenient when entertaining. Retails for around $330.
  Our newest stainless mug has been redesigned to accept an interchangeable lid, while retaining the tight seal needed to keep it leakproof and thermally insulated. Now you can dress up your mug according to your mood, with a variety of color choices for a two-toned look. Plus there’s a low profile cap style so you can drink directly from the mug, or a lockable flip lid with a drink spout—choose either one for total customization!  
Low-profile screw off lid provides an alternative sipping style to flip open lid.
(sold separately)
Mix and match bottle and lid color for a personalized touch.
Light weight and compact design.
Safety lock to prevent lid from opening accidentally.
Made of BPA-Free plastic.
Our NEW Toaster Oven is here! Next month we’ll have exclusive recipes and explain all about it.