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This month we're going to let you in on a little known trick with our Zojirushi Food Jars. Our insulation technology is so good, hot foods that are stored in these jars can still be cooking for a few hours after you've put them in. That means you can partially prepare your lunch in the morning and not have to wait until it's completely done; fill your Food Jar and bring it to work or school, and by lunchtime you'll have the finished dish all ready to eat! The slow cooking process continues in our thermal insulated jars until you're ready to dig in!
Our hearty and healthy soups this month have been prepared especially for our Food Jars, using the freshest ingredients of the fall season. Try making these one morning and save time by letting your jar finish the cooking for you!
Nothing says October like the sight of pumpkins everywhere. If you like pumpkin soup, try this easy way to make a creamy lunch before going to work. The robust flavor only deepens as it sets in our food jar and steeps in its own heat.
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A delicious clear soup that will wait for you in our food jar, tenderizing and blending its ingredients until you're ready to open it up for lunch. Once the aroma of this dish escapes into the lunchroom, you co-workers will start asking, "What's for lunch?"
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This recipe needs a little more time to prepare, but it's worth the effort. Packed with spices and flavor, our curry concoction sets for 2 hours in your food jar, cooking your carefully prepared ingredients into a hearty stew.
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More Time-Saving Food Jar Recipes!
Try these other "to-go" dishes in your Food Jar for convenience and portability!
Rice Porridge Korean Style Gukbap Fruit Cocktail Chilled Tomato Soup
Soups and More Soups and Still More Soups...
Our exclusive Zojirushi recipes are ideal for packing and go-go-going.
Green Pea Soup Vegetable Lentil Soup Creamy Chicken Stew Cauliflower Soup Chicken and Vegetable Soup Hearty Slow-Cooked Chili
This Carrot Cake is moist and yummy, and best of all, it's seasonal! You can find some deliciously plump carrots at this time of year, so take advantage and bake a cake! No Worries, it's guilt free and gluten free, too!
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Traditionally, if you want to classify soup into its two main groups, they are either a clear soup or a thick soup. In French cuisine, the clear soup is further separated into Boullion and Consommé, which are both rich stock broths. The main difference is that boullion can come from vegetables, poultry, fish or meat; whereas consommé is only made from meat and fish.
Thick soups are categorized by the type of agent used to thicken them. Purées are vegetable based and thickened with starch, while Bisques are often made from shellfish and thickened with cream. Our Potage this month is another category of thick soups, in which vegetables and often meat, are boiled together with water to make a thick mush.
The word "soup" appears to have had roots in German ("sop", " suppa") and French ("soupe"). Interestingly, the word "restaurant" meant "restoring" in 16th Century France, when it referred to a simple and inexpensive soup sold by street vendors that was said to have restorative powers against physical exhaustion. A clever entrepreneur opened a shop specializing in this soup, and the modern use of the word "restaurant" was thus born.
Speaking of restaurants, the most popular soups served at most establishments seems to differ according to the source, but perennial favorites seem to always be Clam Chowder, Chicken Noodle and Vegetable, separated by mere percentage points at any given time when these surveys are taken. A rising star seems to be Tortilla Soup, a testament to America's growing familiarity with south of the border flavors.
So, what's your favorite kind of soup? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!
SlickSteel® Finish:
Food Jars have the SlickSteel® interior, an electrolysis polished finish which gives the stainless steel similar properties to a nonstick finish, but without the coating.
Extra wide opening makes it easy to fill, easy to eat.
Displays actual water temperature at all times   One-touch electric dispensing system   Easy-to-clean nonstick interior  
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We introduce the Japanese style hot pots that you enjoy with your family and friends together at your dining table.