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Times have certainly changed since vegetarianism was nothing more than an excuse to make jokes about the bad taste of a tofu burger. As cooks and food scientists have become more sophisticated at developing and experimenting with plant based ingredients as substitutes for meats, vegetarian recipes are not only delicious and appetizing—many dishes resemble their meat counterparts in taste, color and even texture. We decided to go with some easy veggie favorites this month that you can make at home. Read on, and get healthy!
Vegetarian selections are popular anywhere in the world. Next time you do a Meatless Monday at home, try one of these dishes from our international veggie menu.
If you’ve never tried Falafel, you must start now! There is a reason for the popularity of this Middle Eastern favorite. Falafel is usually deep fried, but can easily be pan fried with our Zojirushi Gourmet Sizzler® Electric Griddle.
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Kind of like saying “shrimp scampi”, which are 2 words that literally mean the same thing, our Chinese Guo Tie is a veggie only, pan fried potsticker—otherwise known as Yaki Gyoza in the Japanese version.
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Try these cute little appetizers of nutritious spinach wrapped with melted cheesy goodness. Yum! Easy to cook into little balls of one-bite delish, with our Zojirushi Gourmet Sizzler® Electric Griddle and a molded takoyaki plate.
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Many of us have probably tried going vegetarian, even if it may have lasted only a day. Some may have never eaten meat since they first tried it as children—and simply didn’t like it. Still others were born into a religious faith that discourages the practice of eating meat. But there are so many kinds and degrees of vegetarianism that it’s probably worth listing the primary groups here.
A broad definition of a vegetarian is someone who lives on a diet of grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and any non-animal based foods. They do not eat meat, poultry, fish or shellfish. Now here’s where it gets tricky:
Ovo-Lacto Vegetarians eat both dairy products and eggs, even though they do not eat meat. This is probably the most common form of vegetarianism.
Lacto Vegetarians eat eggs but do not eat dairy products.
Ovo Vegetarians eat dairy products but not eggs.
Vegans may be the strictest form of vegetarianism because they eat none of the above, other than plant based food. Avoiding meats also includes animal by-products (like gelatin).  
Raw Vegans do not cook their vegetables above 115°F because it is believed that foods cooked above this temperature lose nutritional value.
Then on the other side of the spectrum there are types of semi-vegetarian diets that allow for fish or poultry, which aren’t considered mammals or red meat. So if you can’t commit to going entirely veggie only, you can always go Pescatarian and include fish. If you allow chicken, turkey or other poultry in your diet but not red meat, you are a Pollotarian. And if you just occasionally indulge in meat but are conscientiously trying to stay vegetarian—well, you are known to be Flexitarian. (We did not make that up!)
Our electric grills, griddles and skillets are all designed to be used on your tabletop so you can eat while you cook, the best way to enjoy meals with family and friends. We've integrated some advanced safety features into our appliances so that anyone can participate in the fun--even your guests and kids!
1 Safety Mechanism   2 Long Power Cord   3 Body Guard   4 Cool Touch Handles
EA-BDC10, EA-DCC10, EB-DLC10, EB-CC15   EA-BDC10, EA-DCC10, EB-DLC10, EB-CC15, EP-RAC50, EP-PBC10   EA-BDC10, EA-DCC10, EP-RAC50 (Flat Plate Only)   All Models
The temperature control unit will not activate the heating pan until properly seated and locked in.   Extra long power cord is ideal for centered table top cooking, allowing for easy use without additional extensions, and less risk of tangling or pulling the cord.   A heat resistant housing surrounds the cooking pan or plate to protect from accidental contact with the hot surface.   Stay cool, easy grip handles are designed for safe balance and transport of the unit from place to place. Moving the appliance while in operation or when filled with food is not recommended.
Magnetic Power Cord

A detachable power cord is included—easily attached magnetically, but quick to detach in the event of an accidental pull or yank. This prevents the unit from being pulled off the kitchen counter or table during operation.

  Our new colors are perfect for our slim, lightweight stainless mugs. Now you can travel in the style of your choice, with the hot or cold drink of your choice!
SlickSteel® finish resists corrosion and repels stains.   A snug fit, flip-open lid seals the drink spout to maintain the temperature inside.   Easy open/close lock prevents lid from opening accidentally.    
The interior of all Zojirushi vacuum mugs and bottles is made of premium stainless steel, and is BPA-Free; as are the lids, stoppers, mouth rings and all other plastic parts.
It’s tea time season! Next issue we’ll have some tea talk to get you through the coming colder weather.