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What's the one thing most of us want to do when we make our annual New Year's Resolutions? If you said, "I want to eat healthier this year," you would probably be in the majority. It’s a very good goal for all of us, and this year, ZOJIRUSHI is going to help you keep that promise.
One way to start is to take a good look at how we cook our food. Roasting is a method that is not only easy, it cuts fat and calories by minimizing the amount of oil you use from having to pan fry, for example. The fat in the food also drips away during roasting if you elevate the food on a rack to catch the drippings, and in some cases like vegetables, roasting brings out flavors you never knew they had.
OurGourmet Roaster is a unique cooking tool that deserves some attention. It’s designed to roast fish conveniently and minimize the smoke and odor, which means you can roast anything at any time, even right before guests arrive. Fish is lean and nutritious, whether it’s a salmon fillet or whole rainbow trout stuffed with your favorite herbs and spices. With a roaster, side dishes like roasted vegetables are easy and do not use your regular oven, leaving it free for other duties. If you’ve never tasted the sweetness of roasted red bell peppers, you’re in for a special treat.
Use aluminum foil to wrap your fish or vegetables as you cook them in your choice of herbs and spices. Not only does the foil keep all that flavor in, the cleanup is very easy. Don't forget, your cleanup also includes the Roaster itself, which can be stored anywhere, right after you’ve used it just about anywhere.

Salmon with Vegetables - Zojirushi Style

Divide vegetables into 4 equal parts and place them in 4 pieces of aluminum foil.
Place fish fillet on top of the vegetables. Add herbs, salt and pepper to taste. Fold aluminum foils to seal.
Cook for 10-15 minutes or until fish is cooked.
Serve by itself or with sauce of your choice. Serves 4.

Kitchen Lab 101 / Healthy Sukiyaki?

Let's think about Sukiyaki for a minute; a vegetable to meat ratio of probably 8 to 1, an assortment of greens, mushrooms and tofu, a rich broth full of nutrients. Yes, we think that Sukiyaki qualifies as healthy eating; and it's the perfect party meal, too. There is nothing like gathering around a delicious hot pot of Sukiyaki on a cold winter’s evening, surrounded by friends and family. Our Kitchen Lab this month shows you Sukiyaki step by step.

Innovations 101 / Travel Mugs and Water Bottles

"This year we pledge to be more ecologically minded and do more to help our environment." Sound familiar? Zojirushi wants you to keep that promise this year by getting on the "my water bottle" bandwagon. Carry your own drink container so that you don't have to buy the disposable kind. The cost to manufacture and recycle plastic only adds to our use of earth's resources. We offer so many kinds, it makes it easy to go Green.

And with Valentine’s Day coming, here’s a unique way to do your part together with your significant other. How about His and Her travel mugs or vacuum bottles? Check them all out in our extensive collection.
Many of you have been asking us to publish more recipes, and we’ve been busy cooking up some new ones. Look for new recipes from our kitchens in the coming months. Our chefs and nutritionists are always testing and coming up with scrumptious ways to enjoy eating at home with your family and friends.