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Summer veggies are in season. The hot red of tomatoes, cool green of cucumbers and shady purple of eggplants can be seen in markets everywhere. There is no better time to cook smart and eat light than summer, when you're either too hot from being in the sun, or too cold from being in an air-conditioned office all day.
As usual, Zojirushi has the solution to beating the dog days of summer, with a couple of nutritious and delicious recipes that will energize you for sure. We're recommending two soups this month, one cold and one hot; and you can bring both to work in our thermal Food Jars. These vacuum insulated containers will keep your soups hot or cold for hours. They come in 2 convenient sizes and "His" and "Her" colors.
Our first soup is our cold and tangy GAZPACHO, the perfect savory refreshment.
Although there are many variations of this Spanish classic today, Gazpacho in its most basic, most original form was a tomato-based puree of fresh summer vegetables. It was traditionally a peasant meal for field hands in southern Spain, making use of available vegetables and eaten with stale bread. The intense flavor of the raw vegetables and coldness of the soup makes it an ideal summer food, enjoyed by fans everywhere today who want to cool down and eat healthy.
The second recipe we want you to try is our hearty MINESTRONE, a rich meal in a bowl that anyone can appreciate.
It has been said that life is like a minestrone, and indeed it can be, when you consider all the variations there are of this ingredient filled soup. Minestrone is one of the foundations of Italian cooking, almost as common as finding pasta on the family dinner table. It can be made completely vegetarian with any vegetables of the season, or with a meat such as bacon or even ground beef. The beauty of Minestrone, like life, is that it may never come out the same way twice; but you'll be happy you took the time to cook it.

Summer Vegetable Curry and Brown Rice

This month's Kitchen Lab features Summer Vegetable Curry and Brown Rice, a healthy feast that will satisfy your taste buds without filling you up. If you have never tried Japanese curry, it has a distinct flavor that is very different from the Indian style. It is so popular in Japan that it's almost like the national dish; and like so many things Japanese, it started as an import.
Curry was brought to Japan in the 1800's by the British, who ruled over India at the time. The Japanese version draws its influence from the British Navy, who liked their curry as a type of stew mixed with curry powder. By the late 1960's it was widely available in supermarkets and restaurants, and today many regional variations exist throughout the country. The three most popular ways to eat curry are as a stew over rice, as a soupy broth with udon noodles, and as a filling in a bread snack.

Zojirushi Cool Bottles

Our Tech Talk for summer shows you all the benefits of our Zojirushi Cool Bottles, a technical marvel that features the incomparable cold retention that we are known for. If anything can withstand the heatwave, it would be these stainless steel wonders.
At ZOJIRUSHI, our kitchens are always testing and developing new recipes. Our chefs and nutritionists have been busy trying to answer your requests for more, while our technical experts and engineers are making sure you'll be able to cook and enjoy them on the best products available.