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GREEN is for exotic Green Tea that you've been reading about, but may have been too shy to try. There are thousands of health claims about this wonderful brew, which you can read and research everywhere. Here at Zojirushi, we just want to encourage you to try new things, and show you how to bring those experiences to the comfort of your own home. Green Tea, depending on the variety, can be a little astringent in taste, but can also have a bit of sweetness. It is a tea, after all, so allow yourself some time to acquire the taste, and you'll get hooked like millions of others.

How to Brew Perfect Green Tea

Green Tea is not bitter if brewed correctly. Generally the biggest mistakes are made with the temperature of the water and the brewing time. A temperature controlled water boiler, such as those made by Zojirushi, can be indispensible for tea aficionados. Most varieties of green tea should be brewed at 140°F to 208°F, and allowed to steep for no more than 3 minutes.

Tea Brewing Temperature Guideline:

Brew high quality green tea delicately at a lower temperature. Fill tea pot with hot water & let stand for 2 min. ~ 3 min.
Brew this first harvest tea at a moderately low temperature. Fill tea pot with hot water & let stand for 1 min. ~ 2 min.
Brew these teas at a higher temperature to get the most flavor out of the tea. Fill tea pot with hot water & let stand for 1/2 min.
Use a teapot and only brew the amount you will be drinking. One teaspoon of leaves for 8 to 12 oz. of water. If you have a ZOJIRUSHI Electric Boiler & Warmer with multiple temperature settings for tea, simply set to the proper temperature and fill with hot water. Steep for 1/2 to 3 minutes and enjoy.
Green tea leaves need room to expand to reach full flavor; tea balls are not recommended, but most tea pots come with screen infusers which are ideal. Simple strainers will also work.
Most types of green teas can be re-infused more than once; up to 2 or 3 times. If you do brew again from the same leaves, you should drink it immediately without waiting, for best flavor.

Shaken Iced Green Tea

If you like iced tea, you're going to love iced Matcha tea. Simply use one of ZOJIRUSHI's handy stainless steel vacuum bottles to make your ice tea, then take it with you for a healthy pick-me-up wherever you go.
Put 1 heaping teaspoon of Matcha tea powder into the bottle. Fill with lukewarm water so powder will dissolve easier. Shake vigorously until Matcha powder dissolves completely. Drop in a few ice cubes, and you're ready to go!

Japanese Green Tea Varieties

The name means "jewel dew" and it is regarded as Japan's highest quality tea. Hence, it is not meant for everyday drinking or just to quench your thirst. Prepare it with care and drink it from a small cup. If you let it roll around your tongue for a bit, you will taste all that this tea has to offer; an actual sweetness and a very pleasant aftertaste.
About 75% of all teas harvested in Japan is Sencha, but varieties differ greatly in quality and price. Japanese Green Tea is steamed before drying, which prevents oxidation of the leaves and also imparts a vegetal, almost grassy flavor. Sencha is a full-flavored and aromatic tea, with some types being almost fruity in taste. It is a popular everyday tea in Japan, drunk hot during winter and chilled in the summer.
This is a lower grade of Sencha, having been harvested later in the season from the same tea tree. Nevertheless, Bancha is popular not only for its lower price, but also for its mellower, woodsy taste. The tea is a yellowish brown color and contains only trace amounts of caffeine, making it a favorite among the children in Japan.
A brown colored, roasted tea made with Bancha leaves. The roasting process alters the green tea leaves to a reddish brown and when infused, produces a light brown, less bitter tea. The toasty, slightly caramel-like flavor is mild and contains less caffeine, making it a favorite among children and seniors. It is ideal as a complement to an evening meal or for a relaxing drink before bedtime.

A blend of Green Tea and roasted brown rice, it is often referred to as "popcorn tea" because the rice grains resemble popcorn. It was originally drunk by the poor in Japan because the rice was used as filler to reduce the price of the tea, but today it is enjoyed by everyone. The aroma of the roasted rice combines with the fresh grassy flavor of tea, creating a mellow, nutty flavor.

A variety of finely powdered Green Tea, it is stone ground from only the highest quality, hand picked tea leaves. Before harvesting, the trees are shaded from direct sunlight, resulting in a higher concentration of amino acids in the tea and a sweeter taste. Matcha is used for the traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony, and today is popular as an iced tea, as a flavoring in ice cream, cakes, candy, etc.

Kitchen Lab 101 / Gourmet Sizzler® Electric Griddle

RED is for Strawberry Crepes that you can make with your kids as an after school treat. Strawberries and Kiwis are in season and perfect for a healthy dessert. Watch our Kitchen Lab to learn how to make perfect crepes, stuffed with any filling you want. With a Gourmet Sizzler® Electric Griddle, you can all gather around the table and take turns being a pastry chef. It's easier than you think!

Innovations 101 / Stainless Steel Food Jar

PINK is for ZOJIRUSHI's new thermal food jar. Vacuum insulation keeps your hot foods hot and your cold foods cold.

At ZOJIRUSHI, our kitchens are always testing and developing new recipes. Our chefs and nutritionists have been busy trying to answer your requests for more, while our technical experts and engineers are making sure you'll be able to cook and enjoy them on the best products available.