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Welcome to the new look of Zojirushi 101. We hope you enjoy reading all the fresh articles we’ll be working on, just for you!
Speaking of fresh, a sure sign of spring every year is the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th. St. Paddy’s Day is a national holiday in Ireland, in honor of their patron saint. In America and in other countries, we celebrate Irish culture with parades, traditional Irish food and drink, and Irish green.

Everything turns green on St. Patrick’s Day; even the food! And if you’re in charge of the green food at your house, we have some suggestions. Green gelatin dessert is quick, easy and can be molded into fun shapes or layered in multi colors. And you can get a head start on making the gelatin with a hot water boiler from Zojirushi.

As simple as boiling water is, it still takes time. The trick is to have it readily available, and if it’s temperature controlled, this type of dispenser becomes indispensable, especially when brewing teas. Did you know that the Irish drink more tea per person than any other country in the world? It’s a fact!

Make the gelatin according to instructions. You’ll need to boil some water, unless you already have a Zojirushi hot water boiler on your countertop. Be sure to cool the gelatin until firm. Cut into cubes or use a Shamrock cookie cutter for an added touch. Fill up your parfait glasses, or any tall glass, starting with either the gelatin or whipped cream on the bottom. Alternate gelatin and cream (pics 2 & 3) until you get to the top. Make as many layers as you want and top with either the gelatin or the cream. Your kids will love helping you make it and eating it, too!

How about some Zojirushi style Irish potato pancakes on St. Patrick’s Day? In this month’s Kitchen Lab 101, we’ll show you how to make a healthy spinach potato pancake. Sounds yummy! The whole family could get involved, if you use our New Gourmet d’Expert® electric skillet. Read about it in Innovations 101; it's safe enough to be brought right to your table, so even your kids can keep flipping those pancakes as fast as you can eat them, hot off the pan!

This St. Patrick’s Day, have a fun, safe and GREEN day with Zojirushi!