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They say, “April showers bring May flowers”, and it’s true that this is a beautiful time of year in many countries around the world. This month also brings Mother’s Day, when we thank Moms everywhere for tirelessly doing all the things she does for us every single day.

And what better way to treat Mom to her special day, than breakfast in bed? Don’t forget, you must pamper her this day; oh yes, you must! Let’s start by baking her some fresh bread for breakfast. You can set our Home Bakery breadmakers to automatically start baking in the morning by preparing everything the night before. Imagine Mom waking up to the aroma of fresh raisin bread. Now that’s special.

For her meal, cook up something she likes; an omelet or scrambled eggs with ham perhaps. Maybe prepare a salad or just a bowl of cereal; remember, it doesn’t have to be fancy, just thoughtful and presented on a tray with great care and attention to detail. And instead of a cup of coffee or tea, bring her one of our Thermal Carafes so that she can have as much to drink as she wants throughout the morning. The idea is to spoil Mom today as much as possible. Our carafes make great gifts, too.

Finish off your breakfast tray with some flowers and maybe the morning paper, or TV remote. If you want to make a dessert, here’s a unique Mother’s Day cake, made right in one of our rice cookers. See our Kitchen Lab video to learn how.

Anna Jarvis started the modern Mother’s Day in the early 1900’s to honor her own mother, who was an activist for sanitary conditions during the American Civil War.


The white carnation as the symbol of Mother’s Day was also started by Jarvis, who wanted the flower to represent the purity of a mother’s love.


Florists who wanted to promote more types of flowers started the tradition of giving red carnations if your mother is living and white ones if she had passed on.

  In the majority of the languages of the world, the word for “mother” begins with the letter “M”.

These are just some of the terms that were created from the word “mother”. Can you think of any more?

-Mother earth

-Mother country

-Mother of pearl

-Mother hen

-Mother lode

-Mother Nature

-Mother ship

-Mother Superior

-Mother tongue


Let’s not forget Dad; with Father’s Day right around the corner, you might need gift ideas for both Mom and Dad. There’s no better place to look than right here.

Did you know that some of our rice cookers could bake cakes? There are multiple uses for these versatile appliances that go way beyond plain white rice. We have recipes for Jambalaya, Pilaf, Chirashi, etc. Remember that sushi doesn’t necessarily have to use fish either, if you aren’t a fish fan. For example, you could try using bacon, or sliced roast beef with a dab of horseradish. How about tomato slices with mayo, on top of sushi rice? Just use your imagination and be creative!

If you’ve been looking for that special gift, a Zojirushi rice cooker might be the answer. It will probably change the way you look at rice; healthy, tasty and more fun to cook than you ever thought possible.