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Turkey and rice can be a dynamic pair.
If you're looking for a different kind of turkey recipe for Thanksgiving this year that your whole family can enjoy, look no further. Our kitchen has come up with a unique combination of healthful ingredients that you can use for a lunch or snack that the kids will appreciate; lean turkey and nutritious brown rice in a tasty Sloppy Joe. This year, why not get rice into your holiday picture?

Silly Sports

TURKEY TROT: Established in the 1800's, it's basically a fun run so that we can burn off calories before we pig out on turkey.
TURKEY BOWLING: A frozen turkey is the ball and plastic soda bottles are the pins. Usually played in supermarkets or on ice at hockey games.
PUMPKIN CHUCKING: Hurling pumpkins great distances by tossing them with giant slingshots, catapults, air cannons, etc.
EATING CONTESTS: Of course, right? Pies, turkeys...several years ago a 100-pound woman ate almost 8 lbs. of holiday food in 12 minutes!

Our modern rice recipes will open your eyes (and surprise your family)!
They're a savory way to enjoy eating rice in combinations that you've never had before.

Brown Rice and
Turkey Sloppy Joes

Beef Miso and Rice on Salad Leaf
"Mac and Cheese"
Style Brown Rice
This is a great variation of the popular Sloppy Joes that even your kids will love. They will not even know there are nutritious whole grains hidden inside! Salad wraps are a popular serving method used in South East Asia. In this rice dish, everyone wraps their own rice with rich-tasting miso flavored ground beef in salad leaves. Making this variation of “Mac and Cheese” with brown rice gives it a wonderfully nutty texture, and makes it easy to add more whole grains to your diet.

The world of rice awaits, and Zojirushi can show you the way!

Rice is a convenient, easy to cook, versatile and delicious food staple. Rice, wheat and maize make up the 3 main staples for the world's population and rice feeds almost half of all humanity, according to the Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations. There are over 40,000 varieties of rice. In some countries the word for "food" and "rice" are synonymous. As you might expect, most of the leading producers of the world's rice are in Asia. The U.S. ranks 12th, historically exporting about as much as we consume; but our rice consumption has steadily risen, due in large part to our growing awareness of rice as healthy food.

Zojirushi Rice Cookers are designed to make cooking rice easy, and at the level of expertise that makes you feel comfortable. From basic steaming functions to computerized menu settings, our line of cookers can not only cook a perfect bowl of rice, they'll introduce you to a whole new world.

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