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“Awww! Tuna sandwiches again?” Is this what you get at your house? Or maybe you’re thinking this yourself as you head to work. Packing lunches for school can be a chore; you want it to taste good, you need it to be healthy, yet it’s got to be easy and fast. Buying lunch can get expensive and boring, yet the brown bag menu is limited if you can’t microwave or are worried about spoilage.

The key is to prepare from the night before. If you have a meal that can be brought to school or the office as leftovers, you’ve got the nutritious meal you want, at a price you can appreciate. Zojirushi can help. The Ms. Bento® Lunch Jar is designed to keep your foods hot or cold for an extended period of time, which means your leftovers can be just about anything you want, and it’ll taste as delicious as when you made it.

Try some spaghetti leftovers; make a little extra for dinner and cook the pasta Al Dente style. You won’t have to worry about it getting limp because the meat sauce and noodles can be kept in separate compartments; just assemble at lunchtime for a gourmet meal anywhere. The same could go for Sloppy Joes on a toasted bun, Fajitas with a corn tortilla, or even a cold tuna salad with chilled fresh fruit for dessert; you get the idea.

For drinks, our Tuff Slim vacuum bottle keeps it cool, and looks cool, too.

This year, make a commitment to eating healthier and being greener at the same time. Less disposable paper bags and plastic bottles mean a healthier environment, and better food means a healthier you.


What makes it work? Why does it maintain food temperatures longer than any other method?


Savory pizza toast and creamy corn mayonnaise toast; two favorite after school recipes right from your Breadmaker.


“I like my Dad’s spaghetti. He makes a big pot so we can have it for lunch the next day, too.”
“Spaghetti, spaghetti! My Mom’s spaghetti is the best in the world. Everybody at school wants to trade with me!”
Many of you have been asking us to publish more recipes, and we’ve been busy cooking up some new ones. Look for new recipes from our kitchens in the coming months. Our chefs and nutritionists are always testing and coming up with scrumptious ways to enjoy eating at home with your family and friends.