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September is National Rice Month.
Try a new rice recipe and eat more rice.
Cook white rice or brown rice like a professional with a Zojirushi rice cooker.

The USA Rice Federation sponsors September as National Rice Month to celebrate the contributions of our nation's rice growers. Initiated by an act of Congress in 1991, National Rice Month has helped to make rice America's fastest growing grain. Today we each eat an average of 25 pounds of rice a year, and it really isn't hard to see why it has gained so much in popularity. Rice is a healthy and economical food that is sodium and cholesterol free, with just traces of fat.

Whether it's in sushi, risotto or a burrito, we have grown to love it as a main ingredient in recipes from around the world. Rice can be counted on to provide substance and texture to many dishes; it's convenient to have on hand because it stores well, it's easy to cook and quick to prepare. As we continue in our efforts to expand our recipe collection, the Zojirushi kitchens have come up with some exciting rice dishes to help you celebrate National Rice Month!

Introducing new rice recipes!

Dijon Shrimp and
Tomato Rice
Garlic Flavored Beef
Stir-Fried Rice
This rice dish is great as an appetizer, entree or side. It's light and refreshing and reminds us of summer. The next best thing to being in New Orleans is to make your own creole rice specialty. It’s fast and easy to make with a Zojirushi rice cooker. Garlic flavored beef yakimeshi is often served as a last course at teppan-yaki restaurants in Japan. It is a delicious finish to a satisfying steak dinner.

Back to School With Rice?

Let's face it, Moms, those days of bologna sandwiches in a brown paper bag are long gone. Kids are more sophisticated these days, and they're going to want something a little more interesting in their lunches. Plus, you're going to want to pack healthier alternatives. If you haven't noticed, school programs across the country are adding more rice dishes to their menus because this delicious grain is as versatile as it is nutritious. Brown rice is a 100% whole-grain food, approved by the FDA for its health benefits.

One easy way to take advantage of the tremendous versatility of rice is to make rice bowls. Even a small portion of leftover vegetables and meat can top a bed of warm rice in a bowl for a quick and balanced meal. If you pack it in our Zojirushi Lunch Jar, it will stay hot and gourmet perfect until your kids are ready to eat. Watch our videos to learn more!

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