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These two technologies, combined with microcomputer (MICOM) control and IH (Induction Heating), make it possible to cook tastier rice. The pressure elevates cooking temperatures to higher levels, which actually alters the structure of the starch within each grain of rice. When this happens, rice gets softer, tastes fluffier and becomes easier to digest.

Vacuum insulation technology is synonymous with Zojirushi and our history with thermal bottles and dispensers. We’ve incorporated the insulated multi-layers into the inner cooking pan of our latest rice cooker, which prevents heat loss while cooking the rice and helps to keep it warm while it prolongs taste.

The high levels of heat which can be reached by pressure cooking, enabled us to better cook the different types of rice. The enhanced taste in the rice could not have been achieved with our IH system alone.

MICOM or microcomputer control, is where a microchip does the thinking and heat adjustment while it cooks the rice. Precision heat makes for flawless rice.

IH or Induction Heating, turns the entire inner pan into a thermal conductor, enabling higher temperatures and more even cooking.