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Easy to carry 17 oz. size, with convenient tethered cap. Discover the smart, eco-friendly way to take a drink wherever you go.
Generous 26 oz. capacity; protective slip-case has a built-in hand strap for easy drinking. One touch, spring loaded cap.
Serious 41 oz. capacity; protective slip-case with carrying strap. One touch, spring loaded cap for quick hydration after exercise.
Family size 101 oz. capacity; perfect for picnics or outings. Shoulder strap and fold down handle for easy transport, recessed bottom for safe pouring.
Vacuum Insulation technology is the basis of Zojirushi temperature retention engineering. The vacuum created by removing the air between two layers of stainless steel, effectively blocking the outside temperature, helps keep the beverages inside the bottle cold for long hours at a time. The vacuum also prevents condensation on the outside of the bottle, keeping it dry at all times.
Designing an air passage into the bottle creates a smoother pour of the liquid when drinking. The Cool Bottle is engineered to deliver a fast drink as soon as you need it. (Not included in ST-GB/ST-GC models)
A non-stick inner surface coating prevents discoloration and odor build-up, making the bottle easy to wash even with everyday use.
In a comparison test, 3 months of continuous use with green tea shows little discoloration on the non-stick surface. The bottle was washed easily with ordinary detergent and sponge.

Fast drying and stain resistant because the surface discourages water build-up.