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Yes, one might argue that mixing, kneading, proofing and rolling dough to be baked in a furnace is what homemade bread is all about. But would you then be churning your own butter, too? Breadmakers have completely revolutionized the ease at which you can bake at home, literally at the touch of a single button. Ingredients are put in, and a fresh baked loaf is taken out. Why wouldn't you do it this way?

The first Home Bakery breadmaker is sold in Japan. This breadmaker could not only bake breads but could also make cakes and jam, proving to be a popular seller in the U.S. as well. Home Bakery for a 2-lb. loaf is released. Adding a second kneading blade to the mechanism improved performance, and regular sized loaves sold at supermarkets now became easy to bake at home. A heating element built into the lid is introduced, an innovation that helped bake perfectly browned tops and reduced uneven baking. A gluten free menu option is also added.
Our current breadmakers are divided by size. Research and development has shown
that the 2 sizes that we have designed are the best suited to our customer's lifestyle.

The 2-lb. breadmakers bake a traditional shaped horizontal 2-lb. loaf. Dual kneading blades work together to knead the dough thoroughly, and out comes a beautiful loaf of bread, just like they are sold in stores.   The 1-lb. breadmaker is perfect for singles or empty-nesters who don’t eat as much bread. Baking fresh bread but taking days to finish the loaf defeats the purpose of baking fresh bread, doesn’t it?
Breads, cakes and other menu options are preprogrammed.
In certain models, you can also program your own cycles as well.

Whole Wheat:
The extended kneading time helps knead heavier flour such as whole wheat and rye flour thoroughly.
Don't sweat over the stove stirring the pot; the Home Bakery will do it for you automatically. Enjoy preservatives and additive free jam all year round.
No need to get out the whisk or mixers; the Home Bakery will mix the ingredients AND automatically bake the cake for you.
Home Made:
The Home Made cycle allows you to program the knead, rise and bake times to create your own menu setting. It even lets the Home Bakery work like an oven and bake meatloaf in it!
Prepares dough for you to shape and bake in the oven. Enjoy fun recipes such as pizza, bagels, pretzels and cinnamon rolls.
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bake bread
See below for tips and points on how to bake delicious breads. Leave the rest to our breadmakers.

Use Fresh Ingredients:
First, prepare fresh ingredients. Quality of the finished bread will depend on ingredients used. Avoid mixing in old or stale ingredients.
Attach Blades:
Blades are especially important parts of the breadmakers. Make sure the blades are properly attached.
Measure Ingredients:
Next, measure ingredients accurately. The more accurate the measurements are, the better the finished bread will be. Rough measurements will result in a rough bread.
Add Ingredients in Order:
Ingredients have lives. There are compatibilities among ingredients, too. Through trials and errors, we found a right order for adding ingredients. Please add in the order of liquids, powders, and yeast to be assured your bread comes out the way you want.
Select Course:
Finally, make sure to choose the right course setting.
Use fresh ingredients, measure correctly, attach blades properly, add ingredients in the order as directed and select the right course; Zojirushi will take care of the rest.
Keep in mind, however, that bread baking will vary according to the condition of the ingredients.
The following are examples of failures. In such cases, please adjust the amount of ingredients.

Loaf rises then falls:
The yeast may be working too hard. Try decreasing the yeast and/or water. If it still produces a caved loaf, try adding a tablespoon or two of extra flour.
Loaf is short and heavy:
The flour may have been old, or the yeast may have been misplaced. Make sure to use fresh ingredients, and that the yeast does not touch the liquid or salt when placed in the baking pan.
Crust is light:
Try increasing the sugar slightly, or select a darker crust control. Also make sure that the right menu was selected.
Bread is uncooked or not mixed:
Make sure that the power plug is plugged in, and that there has not been an electrical failure. The dough will not mix if you forget to attach the kneading blades!
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For people who have trouble choosing the perfect breadmaker for themselves,
we would like to suggest error-free tips on what to look for.

Choose by size:
2-lb. breads are popular for its shape and size, but fresh baked bread will not stay fresh for long, if not consumed immediately. Also, homemade breads are free of preservatives, therefore not recommended for keeping for a long time. If a 2-lb. size bread will not be consumed within 1 to 2 days, we recommend a 1-lb. size breadmaker.
Choose by functions:
All breadmakers have the capability to bake breads, but course settings may differ by each model. See the Comparison Chart and pick a model that comes with your desired course settings.
Look for additional functions other than baking bread:
2-lb. breadmakers come with a Home Made Course, and have the ability to bake meatloaf and many other foods. The Home Bakery Virtuoso™ Breadmaker (BB-PAC20) comes with a Gluten Free course, convenient for baking gluten free breads. On the other hand, the 1-lb. breadmaker comes with convenient dough courses for cookies and pastas. All breadmakers come with a Cake and Jam setting.
Choose by design:
We take pride in our product designs, in addition to the functions. This is one category where we do not have suggestions. Just trust your taste and choose.
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We are very happy to be of service to you. Many of our product users send us their opinions.
Our community is expanding, because of your opinions. We would like to introduce some of our Zojirushi family.

"I bake not only several different kinds of bread each week, but have added baguettes (from your recipes), whole wheat rolls, dinner rolls. As you can see, the breadmaker gets a lot of use each week."
“I have two words for my Zojirushi breadmaker. PIZZA DOUGH! I think I've turned out more pizza than our neighborhood pizza shop! Making my own pizza creates a special family night that ordering pizza just can't do. Creativity and togetherness in the kitchen. What more can you ask for?”
“I got my Zojirushi breadmaker in the 1960's and am still using it. My family just loves the smell of fresh bread cooking and then having a slice of warm bread and butter. I would love to have a new Zojirushi Breadmaker.”
“I love my breadmaker. My husband had a heart attack and had to have to control his sodium and fat. It was easy for me to control our sodium and fat by making all our bread in the Zojirushi Bread Maker. It is so easy and works like a charm every time.”
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