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Much has been written about the origins of bread, and through fermentation technology and the evolution of baking itself, there are hundreds of different varieties today being baked out of ovens all over the world. What follows here is a brief summary of the kinds of bread that can be baked with our breadmakers. These basics can be enhanced and tweaked in unlimited ways just by adding some ingredients and a little imagination.
Basic Bread:
The basic ingredients for making any bread are the same: bread flour, yeast, water and sugar. Yeast, a micro organism, is probably the most important. The dried yeast used in baking bread is dormant until water is added to activate it. The yeast starts to "eat" the sugar and releases carbon dioxide bubbles, which causes the bread to rise. Kneading the dough makes the gluten in bread flour elastic, which captures the bubbles like a balloon and makes the holes in the bread. That's how we get bread that is fluffy and soft.
Wheat Bread:
Whole wheat flour is said to be more nutritious and have more health benefits than regular bread flour because whole grains are a natural source of protein as well as a source of carbohydrates. Because whole wheat flour has less gluten than bread flour, adding vital wheat gluten helps to give the bread structure and elasticity for the desired chewiness. This is critical when recipes call for extra ingredients like nuts, dried fruit or seeds. Adding molasses also helps to give it a milder flavor, as whole wheat flour has a distinct taste.
Gluten Free Bread:
Recently, there has been a surge in the number of people with coeliac disease, or gluten intolerance. Gluten free bread is made for those who cannot process gluten. It is made using gluten free flours such as rice flour or starch. But how does the bread rise if there is no gluten? The key ingredient is xanthan gum. It is commonly used as a food thickening agent, but also helps give bread its structure. New types of gluten free flour are being introduced into the market every day, which help make tastier gluten free bread.
Quick Bread:
Even though we are all busy day in and day out, we need to make sure we watch what we eat. Here's a quick way to make freshly baked bread. Quick rise bread is made using quick rise yeast (or rapid rise yeast), which rises faster than regular yeast bread. Quick rise yeast is processed differently than active dry yeast so that it becomes active faster, and proofs the bread dough faster. Try baking bread using quick rise yeast in our breadmaker; you may be surprised at how fast and easy it is.
Dough in short is unbaked bread. Tasty bread comes from a good batch of dough that is kneaded and proofed in a timely manner. Dough can be turned into a variety of breads including French baguettes, bagels, breadsticks, donuts, focaccia and much more. If you want to make your own pizza dough, a breadmaker can do it for you. Then all that remains is to top it off and enjoy!
We will show you how to bake delicious breads.

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Japanese Tea
A traditional classic, An-pan is a Japanese style bread that has been around for more than 100 years. More modern varieties include side dishes that are stuffed into long buns, like yakisoba (pan fried noodles) or croquettes.

Like the hundreds of kinds of sandwiches that Americans can choose from today, the Japanese have their choice of bun type breads that are filled with all manner of different ingredients. The most traditional of these is an-pan, a dessert bread filled with red adzuki bean paste.
Also called a Curry Doughnut at times, this bread is another example of a bun type bread stuffed with a filling. The difference though, is that curry-pan is coated with bread crumbs (panko), and deep fried, much like a doughnut. The curry inside is what makes this bread special and such a favorite in Japan.
A sweet bread crusted on the outside with a thin layer of sugar cookie. Sometimes made with a light green color, a classic melon-pan has a cross-hatched pattern etched into the outside that resembles the cracked surface of a cantaloupe.
Basically a long hot dog bun filled with Yakisoba, a popular fried noodle dish that is often sold at festivals. The tangy taste of the noodles goes quite nicely with soft bread, and makes for a visually interesting sandwich perfect for lunch.
More recipe coming soon!

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We will introduce some of the popular breads of the world, arranged in Zojirushi style.

Omu-rice Summer Curry Spicy Curry Wakame Gohan Kurigohan
Baguette is a French bread, characterized by a hard, savory crust and a soft inside. It is one of the most difficult breads to make, known for not using sugar, egg or dairy in the dough. However, it is easy to bake one using our breadmaker. Café-au-lait and baguettes will make you feel like you're traveling in France. You can also cut it into round slices and top with your favorite ingredients to make an open sandwich.
These popular ring-shaped breads have variations throughout the world, but the kind we see most in the U.S. is the New York style; chewy and doughy inside, browned and slightly crispy on the outside. They were introduced to America by immigrant Jews who started bagel baking businesses in the early 1900s in New York. The bagel has become a symbol of New York, much like the baguette is a symbol of France.
The Focaccia is a flat oven baked bread that is a close relative of the pizza. With origins in ancient Rome, Focaccia is a popular snack bread in Italy, often seasoned with olive oil and salt. It is sometimes topped with onion, cheese, meat or vegetable. Our Zojirushi Focaccia is very easy to make using our breadmaker. It's time to become Italian; Buon Appetito!
Orange Peel Tea Bread:
This bread has a hint of citrus from the orange peel and the bergamot aroma of the earl grey tea. Serve with the optional sweet orange glaze to turn it into a snack that is great for a relaxed afternoon spent with friends and family.
Cheese 'N' Onion Bread:
Some of you might want to bake a bread that's not sweet, and maybe a little different from others. Cheese and onion are combined to make a perfect harmony in this bread, perfect together with soups or salads.
More recipe coming soon!

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Now that you've learned that you can bake all kinds of breads, some of you might want to try cooking
other types of foods with your breadmaker, just because you can! Below are some recipes to get you started.

Omu-rice Summer Curry Spicy Curry Wakame Gohan Kurigohan
Mango Jam:
If you are looking for something other than an ordinary jam from the supermarket to go with that delicious bread you baked with all those efforts, we'll show you how to make this exotic mango jam right out of your breadmaker.
Cinnamon Pecan Sour Cream Coffee Cake:
Yum! Self explanatory, don't you think? Perfect for an afternoon coffee time or tea break with friends. The combination of cinnamon and sour cream is indescribably fantastic, and makes this recipe one of our customer favorites.
Pepperoni Pizza:
Everyone loves pizza. There are several recipes on our recipe page. We show you how to bake homemade pizza dough, and from there you can add your own toppings to fresh bake in your oven. Custom made and homemade is the way to go; a great way to watch restrictive diets.
Banana Bread:
This banana bread fills your entire mouth with banana flavor. Prepare some good tasting bananas and leave the rest to the breadmaker; it's the ideal afternoon snack for kids.
Butter Mochi:
This is a moist, plump home cooking recipe from Hawaii. It's called mochi, but this confection was born in America. Some of us get addicted to the rich aroma of butter and the unmistakable texture of this dessert.
Omu-rice Summer Curry Spicy Curry Wakame Gohan Kurigohan
Pizza Toast and Mayo Corn Toast:
A savory light lunch or quick snack for people on the go. So simple yet so satisfying, just put pizza toppings on bread and toast it. Our corn mayo topping is a flavorful alternative to this easy way to enjoy toast--a clever way to also use your day old bread.
Strawberry Cheesecake:
This creamy cheesecake is easy to prepare. Making it in a breadmaker bakes a cheesecake that is dense with a rich taste of eggs and cream cheese. Top it with your favorite fresh fruit preserve that can also be made in the breadmaker!
Chocolate Bread:
This recipe is for chocolate lovers. Who would not love chocolate chips in their bread? It goes well with either coffee or tea, and also makes a great French toast!
Meatloaf Miracle:
Breads, jams and cakes from a breadmaker--okay. But meatloaf? Yes, it can! Just goes to show what can be done with a little ingenuity and a great little machine. Try this one--it's impressive.
Savory Bread Stuffing:
Isn't the stuffing the last thing you might think about after you've cooked that 7-course holiday meal? Don't go to the store and buy your stuffing; make it home cooked like the rest of your meal--it's easier than you think with this breadmaker recipe.
More recipe coming soon!
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My Bottle
For those of you who say coffee is a must item for cakes(breads):
Some of us need coffee when a fresh baked cake or bread with homemade jam is sitting in front our noses. A Zojirushi carafe will keep brewed coffee fresh and hot for a long time. If you need it, you'll want it.
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For those of you who say tea is a must for cakes (breads):
So as to not forget the other half of us who prefer tea, our Zojirushi water boilers will become your best friend. Hot water on call, anytime and at the perfect temperature for that timely "spot of tea".
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