Sweetie Fruity Sandwich

Ingredients (serves 4):


Prepare the fruits. Remove the core of strawberries.


Cut off both ends of kiwis, peel the skin and cut vertically in halves.


Drain peach slices. Pat down with a paper towel to remove excess moisture.


Make the cream mixture. In a large bowl, add whipped cream cheese, sugar and the optional rum. Whisk and combine well.


Fold in whipped topping to the mixture using a rubber spatula.


Assemble the sandwich. Spread cream mixture to one side of each slice of bread. Take four bread slices and align with fruits.

Tip: Before aligning the fruits, visualize the pattern of the fruits at the cross-section when the sandwich is sliced diagonally (or horizontally if preferred).


Fill in the gaps between fruits with the remaining cream mixture.


Close the sandwich with a slice of bread with the cream mixture.


Tightly wrap the sandwich with plastic wrap. Refrigerate to set the sandwich for at least one hour or up to overnight. 

Optional: Mark the cutting direction over the plastic wrap to make sure that the sandwich is sliced in the correct orientation.


When the sandwich is set, cut each diagonally in half (or horizontally if preferred) with a sharp knife over the plastic wrap. To ensure a clean cut, clean the knife with a hot damp paper towel before each cut.


Serve immediately. Enjoy!