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ZOJIRUSHI Thermal Carafes arrowPremium Thermal Carafe Ichimatsu Collection AFFB-10

Premium Thermal Carafe
Ichimatsu Collection

Made in Japan, this Ichimatsu Collection carafe is a new variation to our popular glass carafe AFFB-10S. It features a high-quality medical-grade borosilicate glass vacuum liner which provides superior temperature retention and makes the carafe easy to clean, and stain and odor resistant.

  • High quality vacuum glass liner with excellent temperature retention
  • Stain and odor resistant glass liner
  • One-touch pour for quick and easy serve
  • Durable and sturdy handle for easy serving
  • "Ichimatsu" is a two-toned checkerboard pattern that holds historical significance and recognition in Japanese culture. In the mid-Edo period, a popular Kabuki actor named Sanogawa Ichimatsu was known for wearing pants with this pattern. And recently, the harmonized checkered pattern was inspiration for the official logo of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.
Model No. AFFB-10
Capacity34 oz. / 1.0 liter
Dimensions (Diameter x Height)5-3/8 x 10-3/4 inches
Heat Retention*151°F @ 10 hrs. / 124°F @ 24 hrs.
ColorIchimatsu White (-WZ), Ichimatsu Black (-BZ)
Replacement LinerFTV-1000
*Rating is based on water at a starting temperature of 203°F (95°C) at a room temperature of 68°F (20°C)
High quality vacuum glass liner
Easy-to-press side push button sopper
One-touch pour for easy serving
Accommodates most direct brewing attachments
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