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It’s not especially new, but grilling with aluminum foil is making a big comeback. We can see why—there’s less mess to clean, and the possibilities are endless. It’s actually the perfect way to use our indoor electric grills at the family dining table. Try our foil wrapped recipes this month and you’ll see what we mean. And try our seared fish dish as well; it shows off how much fun indoor grilling can be!
A great way to steam this easy veggie dish—make it in a foil pouch and keep all the umami inside! Cook on your indoor grill, your patio barbeque or take it camping!
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A wonderful dessert that’s fun to make in foil. Baked apples are delicious when hot off the grill, or put it aside so you can have something to look forward to after the steaks. Try it with ice cream!
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A photo-worthy appetizer for your next backyard party or indoor grill get-together. With Zojirushi Electric Grills, you control the temperature—for that perfect seared fish every time!
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Want to be the Master Grill Chef in your house? Whether you’re cooking outdoors in your backyard or indoors in your kitchen, you may find these hints useful the next time you put on your apron.
Apartment Grilling
Understandably, there are rules and laws for barbecuing in apartment buildings for safety’s sake. It’s usually not allowed to cook on an open flame on a wood deck, patio or balcony when you are connected to another building. But some states are stricter than others so you may want to check what the laws are where you live—some are enforced, some not so much. Gas grills or electric grills can be OK, but not the charcoal kind, which need a match to light. If you have a Zojirushi Electric Grill, you can grill anywhere—the difference is that everything is under control, and not subject to natural elements like the wind.  
For Urbanites
If you live in the city, indoor grilling might be the only way to go for you. Here are some tips to maximize that experience so you can live the good life indoors!
Use a Cast Iron Grill Pan or an appliance that has the ridges that can give you those great looking char marks. Nothing says “grilled” like those burn lines!
To make those pro marks, place the food at a 45° angle to the ridges on the grill. Cook for a couple of minutes, then pick up the food and rotate it 90°, and cook for another couple of minutes.
When it’s time to grill the other side, just flip it over and cook until done. You don’t have to worry about marking the other side because it will be face down on the plate.
Minimize the smoke by not over-oiling and over-saucing your food. And resist the temptation to press down on it with your spatula. This will only squeeze the juices out and dry out your food, causing it to burn and make more smoke. You might also want to avoid fatty meats like duck breast, which can cause extra smoke and spattering.
Useful Tips
Here are some useful hints to use whether you’re outside or inside.
Condiment tray hack. Get a muffin pan and fill each cup with mustard, ketchup, relish, onions, pickles, etc. for your guests—instant condiment serving tray!
Mark buns with ketchup. Does everyone want their burgers cooked differently? Mark the buns with “WD” for well done, “M” for medium, and so on, with a ketchup squeeze bottle so you can keep track of it all.
Paper egg carton as firestarter. Place a piece of charcoal in each cavity of an egg carton. Light the whole thing, and by the time the carton burns off, your charcoal bricks should be lit.
Alternative grill brushes. If consuming the metal bristles from those grill brushes worries you, use a scrunched up piece of aluminum foil instead, that you can hold with a pair of tongs as you clean your grill. Another method is to rub the flat side of a half-onion on a hot grill to clean it. The anti-bacterial properties of the onion will help with cleaning!
Cook Safe
The USDA recommends cooking thoroughly to ensure food safety. Meats should be cooked to an internal temperature of 145°F at least, ground meats to 160°F and poultry to 165°F. Use a thermometer to be sure. You should always separate raw food and cooked food on plates and cutting boards, and avoid using the same utensils for both. Before you’re ready to put the food on the grill, keep it refrigerated and chilled so it doesn’t stay out in the hot sun. And above all, keep your cooking area clean, as well as the dishes, utensils and grill.
Zojirushi Indoor Electric Grills bring outdoor cooking right into your home. Check out these features that make our grills one of the safest and tastiest ways to grill whenever you feel like it!
A titanium and ceramic enhanced, dual-layer nonstick coating makes it easy to cook hamburger patties, grilled vegetables and fruits, or salmon burgers without leaving food residue.  
The grilling surface is designed to direct oils away from the food, which promotes healthier eating and minimizes oil spatters and smoke.  
Nonstick cooking makes it easy to clean oil and food residue.  
Grill and body guard disassemble so that each part can be washed whole.  
Precise, dial-controlled temperature settings, with a safety lock that ensures the grill will not heat until the power control is securely in place.
Variable temperature settings from Keep Warm to 410°F makes cooking easy.
Extra long power cord is ideal for tabletop cooking without a need for additional extension cords.
Tabletop cooking brings everyone together, including the host, who can now enjoy meals with the guests instead of serving from the kitchen. Perfect for get-togethers--everyone cooks, everyone eats, and everyone entertains themselves!  
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