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Sometimes there is no microwave at school. Sometimes there is no time for a sit down lunch at work. Sometimes you want to eat outdoors on a nice summer day. No worries, Zojirushi has your back with our vacuum jars that can keep your lunch hot or cold for hours! Check out these recipes, hot and chilled, for a great lunch no matter where you are. This is Zojirushi unplugged!
A tangy seafood specialty, chilled perfectly for a hot summer day—shrimp is infused in an aromatic vinaigrette for a light lunch in your food jar, that will stay cold until you’re ready! Have it with some bread and you’re all set!
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Hot and spicy! Try this classic Korean specialty with rice or maybe even onigiri (rice balls), for a hot lunch. Have you ever tried eating spicy foods to cool you down when you’re hot? The idea is that it makes you perspire, which in turn cools your body down. Try it!
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This is a favorite in Japan during summer, when hot ramen is too hot to eat. Being seasonal, it’s not always available year ‘round, but the fresh vinegary noodles topped with cold slivers of chicken, vegetables and eggs are an inspired creation. This dish is best eaten as soon as it’s made, to keep the ingredients freshly chilled and the noodles chewy and not soggy. There’s some “assembly required” before you can dig in, but trust us, it’ll be worth it!
  Store hiyashi-chuka soup, noodle, and toppings in separate bowls and bring them for lunch.  
  Add soup and toppings to the noodles, and it's ready!  
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Why do most of the spiciest foods come from the hottest countries in the world? India, Southeast Asia, Africa and the Caribbean are home to some of the hottest chili-infused cuisines ever. This is no coincidence. There has been research done that shows how your body’s temperature begins to rise almost immediately as soon as the heat radiating from spicy foods enters our systems. It causes your blood to circulate more, which makes you sweat. It’s a specific kind of sweat, according to some studies, called “gustatory facial sweating”. So named because the perspiration starts from your face, this sweat evaporates quickly, cooling you down as the moisture leaves the surface of your skin. If you like spicy food, this seems like a great way to regulate your body’s temperature during those hot summer days!  
On the other hand, reaching for an ice cold drink or gobbling ice cream may not be the best solution to cooling down, because the body will react to equalize itself from the introduction of sudden cold—and heat up internally to compensate. You might feel cool initially, but it won’t last and you’ll be back to feeling just as hot as before. Additionally, eating something like ice cream causes your digestive system to start working harder, which also generates heat. But it tastes so good on a hot day, who can blame anyone for trying?  
Literally meaning “chilled Chinese” in Japanese, this month’s recipe is the ideal dish to bring to work or school on a hot day. But much like regular hot ramen, the noodles can get limp and mushy if suspended in its broth for too long of a time. Being able to keep the ingredients separate yet chilled, until it’s time to put the whole dish together, is perfect for a lunch box system like our Zojirushi Lunch Jar. It’s the same as bringing a salad to work—you wouldn’t toss it with dressing before leaving the house, would you?  
Hiyashi Chuka is a very popular summertime dish in Japan, and can be found in so many varieties by the different toppings that are used. Enjoy it with any combination of sliced ham, imitation crab, char siu (bbq pork), chicken, fresh shrimp, egg, cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, daikon radish or menma (seasoned bamboo shoots). Typical condiments are red ginger that you can find in store-bought jars and hot yellow Japanese mustard to kick it up a notch. Try this!  
Thermal Vacuum Insulation is the convenient solution.
No need to search for a refrigerator to keep your dish cold.
No need to search for a microwave to heat your dish to eat.
Keep it cool or hot with vacuum insulation.
Lunch Jars come with different containers.
Keep ingredients in separate containers, to assemble later like our Hiyashi Chuka, or build a deli sandwich. No more soggy noodles or soggy bread!
Multiple containers mean full course lunches with all the side dishes you need.
Food Jars come in different sizes.
Seals tight, perfect for hot soups or chilled salads.
Good for fruit cocktails and cold desserts
Travel Mugs come in different styles.
The perfect hydration solution for exercising outdoors—long hours of thermal insulation is the answer!
No more lukewarm coffee or tepid iced tea ever!
Kind for Food and Eco-Friendly
They are eco-friendly ‒ vacuum insulation and hot/cold retention means foods and drinks are kept at their best temperature. Less need for your microwave to reheat!
Easy to wash and reuse means less disposable waste!
Lightweight & Compact Design
One-Touch, Flip-Open Lid
Superior Heat & Cold Retention
Stain & Odor Resistant Nonstick Coated Interior
Lightweight & Compact Design
Rounded Sip Area
Superior Heat & Cold Retention
Stain & Odor Resistant Nonstick Coated Interior
Ichimatsu moyo”, or Ichimatsu-pattern, is a bi-colored checkerboard pattern that has been in existence in Japan since ancient times. Also called “Ishidatami” (stone paving) or “Arare” (hail), the name “Ichimatsu moyo” became popular when a Kabuki actor named Sanogawa Ichimatsu wore a traditional Japanese pants “Hakama” in the pattern in indigo blue and white during the mid-Edo period. A harmonized checkered emblem inspired by the “Ichimatsu moyo” was adopted as the official log of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.  
Get your grillling on! We’ll show you how to get the most from your Zojirushi Electric Grill with some recipes using aluminum foil—it’s the new "less mess" way to grill!

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