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The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and your lunches are tasting better! Thanks to your Zojirushi Lunch Jar, your hot meals can stay hot and your cold ones can stay chilled. This month we’re going to show you how to pack some of your favorite recipes from our kitchen, using our multi-compartment Lunch Jars. Take it to work, take it to school, then unpack a full course meal and amaze your friends as they gather around to gawk!


How to Lunch Jar How to Lunch Jar How to Lunch Jar

Your Lunch Jar can carry full course meals in all its separate compartments while keeping your food hot or chilled until it’s time to eat. It’s the perfect way to pack a lunch if you think about it, but you need to know how to use it properly. Here we explain which containers are insulated, which ones are kept at room temperature and which ones can be sealed to hold liquids. We’ll get you started with some of our own recipes, but the rest is up to you—use your imagination and make the Lunch Jar work for you!

Japanese Beef Curry-1

Japanese Beef Curry

1. Our Beef Curry is the ideal meal to pack in our Lunch Jar. Your rice will stay nice and warm in the main container.

Japanese Beef Curry-2

2. The curry sauce of course goes into the soup container—it’ll protect it from spilling and stay hot until ready.

Japanese Beef Curry-3

3. The side containers can hold toppings for the curry like fried onions, dried fruits or nuts, and any other snack you might want to bring.

Japanese Beef Curry-4

4. Time for lunch and time for Beef Curry! Pour it on your rice and enjoy; don’t forget to bring a drink when eating curry.

Classically Built Onigiri-1

Classically Built Onigiri

1. Use our salmon onigiri recipe to prepare the ingredients. The rice goes into the main container and stays warm until lunchtime.

Classically Built Onigiri-2

2. Pack your ingredients like the cooked salmon and umeboshi in one of the side dish containers; keep the nori in the other one.

Classically Built Onigiri-3

3. Miso soup will stay hot in the sealed soup container and is the perfect complement to your onigiri bento.

Classically Built Onigiri-4

4. Assemble your fresh onigiri—put some rice on your nori, add ingredients and roll it up any way you like; onigiri has no rules!

Fresh Pasta Marinara-1

Fresh Pasta Marinara

1. Our Pasta Marinara recipe makes a wonderful lunchtime favorite. Load the pasta into the main container to keep warm and keep from drying out.

Fresh Pasta Marinara-2

2. Of course, the marinara sauce goes into the soup container to keep sealed and hot.

Fresh Pasta Marinara-3

3. You have two side containers to fill with whatever you want. One of them can hold your bread or rolls.

Fresh Pasta Marinara-4

4. Assemble a delicious pasta lunch when you’re ready. Take along a drink to complete the meal.

Chilled Zaru Udon-1

Chilled Zaru Udon

1. Cold Zaru Udon is a Japanese favorite. Your udon will stay fresh and chilled in the main container of your Lunch Jar.

Chilled Zaru Udon-2

2. The dipping sauce will keep nice and chilled too, in the sealed soup container.

Chilled Zaru Udon-3

3. Pack some sides into the two extra containers to add variety to your udon meal. A good way to bring fresh shredded nori for topping, or edamame?

Chilled Zaru Udon-4

4. And there it is. Chilled Zaru Udon set for lunch—just dip and enjoy. A cold drink will go well with this.

Beyond The Lunch Jar

Lunch At Work Lunch At Work Lunch At Work

In today’s high powered, always “on” work environment, the easiest way to unplug and take a break at the office might be to bring your own lunch to work. It’s certainly more economical—if it costs you to eat out every weekday, you’ll be spending enough to make a significant impact on your bottom line. And you cannot live on hamburgers alone. While our Lunch Jars can help make bringing lunch easier, that’s not all Zojirushi has to make your day at the office more enjoyable and productive.

Tumblers and Mugs

Tumblers and Mugs

Don’t forget the drinks when you pack a lunch—we have a wide range of insulated drink bottles that can faithfully sit by your desk to fuel your body.

Food Jars

Food Jars

Our Food Jars are so insulated, they can literally finish cooking ingredients while you wait! Try this oatmeal recipe that starts with raw oats.

Food Jar Fun

Food Jar Fun

Bert-san experimented with our Food Jars, including testing our rice porridge recipe that cooks the rice in 90 minutes. Want to see the results?

History of Bento

History of Bento

The modern Lunch Jar is a descendant of the Japanese bento that started in the early 1600s. Are you curious as to how it all started?


We’ll Tumble For You We’ll Tumble For You We’ll Tumble For You

Meet our NEW tumblers—a full 30 oz. capacity in 5 great colors and matching colored straws! Cap your drink with the lid and take it with you wherever; by your desk, during your lunch, at a meeting. Keep one by your side and express yourself.

tainless Tumbler SX-HA89H-1

1. Five really fun colors. Choose your fave and make a splash.

tainless Tumbler SX-HA89H-2

2. Includes a clear lid and matching color straw—and don’t forget, it’s thermally insulated by Zojirushi technology.

tainless Tumbler SX-HA89H-3

3. Wide 3-1/2” opening for easy filling with ice and easy washing.

tainless Tumbler SX-HA89H-4

4. Pick one up now at the Zojirushi online store!


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