ZOJIRUSHI 101 ZOJIRUSHI 101 ZOJIRUSHI 101 Spring Cleaning Check List Spring Cleaning Check List Spring Cleaning Check List

What’s on your to-do list this Spring? We’re hoping you spend some time with your Zojirushi products—cleaning and servicing them, as well as cooking and baking with them. Springtime is the perfect time to catch up on all the little things you can do to keep your Zojirushi appliances running at peak performance; a little tender lovin’ care never hurts. And since you’ll be busy with Spring cleaning, this month’s recipe treats are easy to make and guaranteed to boost your energy.


Better Brownies Better Brownies Better Brownies

Better Brownies

Oh fudge! Bake a better brownie chock full of chocolate with this recipe. The best part is that it’s shareable—give them to your Spring cleaning crew during breaktime.

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Fresh Strawberry Pie

Strawberries, glaze and whipped cream—bake this fruity favorite that glistens in the light, just begging you to take a bite. This is the perfect reward for a day of hard work.

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Fresh Strawberry Pie Fresh Strawberry Pie Fresh Strawberry Pie

Cleaning doesn’t have to be hard

Painless Cleaning Tips Painless Cleaning Tips Painless Cleaning Tips

Stop your groaning and just do it! Everyone does it around the world, whether it’s during Spring to usher in a new season of life, or during the end of the year to clear out old clutter. Cleaning experts have suggestions on how to be more organized and efficient when you tackle your cleaning—have a listen; it makes sense to do it smarter.

cleaning tip 1

Clean your house in the right order

Start with chores that need time, like letting oven cleaners soak in, or letting the dishwasher run. Clean from the top down; you don’t want to clean twice when the dust settles.

cleaning tip 2

Tidy up first, then clean

Get rid of unneeded junk before cleaning; it’ll be easier. Clean the wet areas first; that means bathrooms and kitchens because they take longer. Floors are last; all that’s left is to mop or vacuum.

cleaning tip 3


You need to be ruthless, so throw these out NOW! Unworn clothes. Unneeded paperwork. Old electronics. Incomplete sets, like missing socks. Expired kitchen items. Old cosmetics. Old books. Garage junk.

cleaning tip 4

Cleaning is in your mind

Prioritize what part of the house you want to clean first. Start with decluttering an easy area. Organize the things you’re going to keep. Let go of what you really don’t need. And commit to your decision.


Spring Clean Your Appliances Spring Clean Your Appliances Spring Clean Your Appliances

Zojirushi products used regularly like rice cookers and breadmakers should be cleaned after each use, so they can continue to deliver delicious results. We’ve built many of our parts to make it easy to do this. Here’s a quick guide on how to disassemble and clean some of the important areas. For more detailed information, please refer to the User Manual that came with your product, or download from this link.

Spring Clean Your Appliances 1

Rice Cookers:

The inner lid regulates steam as your rice cooks. If not properly clean, your rice may not taste its best or dry out during the Keep Warm mode.

Spring Clean Your Appliances 2

Remove the lid, use a soft sponge to wipe clean. Then rinse under warm or cool water. Wipe thoroughly and reattach. Change the gasket if worn or stiff.

Spring Clean Your Appliances 3


The kneading blades are vital to mixing the ingredients in your batter. If they are not kept clean, they may slip and fail to turn properly.

Spring Clean Your Appliances 4

Use bamboo skewers or any similar object to pick out debris from the blade holes. After cleaning if it still doesn’t mix well, it is time to replace the blades.

Spring Clean Your Appliances 5

Water Boilers:

The safety net inside the inner container must not be blocked. Obstructions can cause excessive noise when boiling, bubbling, overflowing or water not dispensing.

Spring Clean Your Appliances 6

Clean out the safety net and reattach. Clean the inner container by filling with water and boil with citric acid in cleaning mode. When cleaning ends, boil fresh water once before using.

Spring Clean Your Appliances 7

Food Jars:

Food stains can be cleaned with a 10% vinegar and hot water solution. Let sit for 30min. to 1hr. and wash clean. Replace the gasket if odor persists even after cleaning.

Spring Clean Your Appliances 8

Lunch Jars:

After washing bowl and lid, dry thoroughly in a well ventilated area under the sun. Soak the gasket in boiling water with the 10% vinegar solution for 10 minutes to get rid of odor.


Our Updated Food Jar Our Updated Food Jar Our Updated Food Jar

Stainless Steel Food Jar SW-KA30/40/52 and SW-KA52H/75H
A new lid design makes our jar easier to use and holds the heat in better. The stopper is now a one-piece design, making it much easier to clean. Less seams and parts also mean better heat retention, which contributes to the overall performance of the jar. More reasons to enjoy your lunches at home or the office!

One-piece Stopper

One-piece Stopper:

A wider channel in the lid, plus an integrated gasket and one-piece construction of the stopper makes it all easier to clean.

Therma Chamber

Therma Chamber:

Internal chambers in the lid are structured to reduce heat loss that occurs through conduction and convection.



The unique lid design relieves pressure build-up when opening hot foods, making it safer to use when you’re ready to eat.



Our updated food jars are now available for purchase at the Zojirushi store.


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