ZOJIRUSHI 101 ZOJIRUSHI 101 ZOJIRUSHI 101 Seafood Burger Time! Seafood Burger Time! Seafood Burger Time!

This month we have a shrimp katsu and fried fish burger for our seafood fans. And to make them even better, our breadmaker is here to bake the perfect bun. We believe that to build a better burger, you need a better bun, so bake your own and bring it on! You know that your breadmaker can be the star of your kitchen, right? Think of it as a completely self-contained oven that can also prepare dough; which means you can easily use it with your regular oven to expand your baking!


Shrimp Katsu Burger Shrimp Katsu Burger Shrimp Katsu Burger

Shrimp Katsu Burger

Try our Japanese style Shrimp Katsu Burger. A deep fried shrimp patty is sandwiched between soft buns baked fresh, using dough prepared with your breadmaker. CRUNCH!

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Crispy Fish Burger

This is beer battered fish at its best. Bake your own pretzel bread easily with homemade dough, then create the ideal fish burger. Top with a tomato slice and lettuce. CHOMP!

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Crispy Fish Burger Crispy Fish Burger Crispy Fish Burger

Expand Your Catch of the Day

Shrimp Katsu on White

Bake your own basic white bread and make a simple Shrimp Katsu sandwich. The trick here is to make sure you shape your sandwich to the shrimp! Toast it and dress it the way you like.

Shrimp Katsu Croissants

Do you love croissants? Here’s a sophisticated version—put your Shrimp Katsu between two halves of a croissant that you can bake yourself with homemade dough. Bring it for lunch today!

Crispy Fish on Whole Wheat

Healthy eating with the Crispy Fish you just made? That’s easy—just bake using our whole wheat menu and make a delicious sandwich. Add sprouts and tomatoes, and you’re all set.

Crispy Fish Baguette

The beauty of being able to bake your own baguette is amazing. Mix up your own creamy sauce to dress this baby, and bite into this crunchy baguette and Crispy Fish flavor combination.

A Complete Bakery

Baking Beyond Bread Baking Beyond Bread Baking Beyond Bread

What can you do with a Zojirushi Breadmaker? Like a bakery at your fingertips, all the menu settings can knead and prepare a specific kind of dough that can be used to make bread, pizza, noodles, cake, even jam. Many bread types can be baked right in the breadmaker from start to finish, including the addition of dry ingredients like nuts, raisins, dried fruit or seeds. With our breadmaker doing most of the work, all you have to do is imagine the possibilities, and bake!


Making your own noodles or pasta is fairly easy—it’s basically a dough made from flour and water, sometimes eggs, then boiled to al dente. Learn how to cook your own Tempura Udon here.


Once you make pizza dough, all you do is flatten and shape it, add your own toppings and bake it. We have several pizza recipes that you can try. You may never go back to store bought again.


Yes, you can make homemade jam using our breadmaker. See how Bert-san did it using our recipe for Blueberry Jam. He also baked Blueberry Bread for National Blueberry Month!


With the cake setting on the breadmaker, you can bake a cake entirely from start to finish. Try this mouth-watering Chocolate Chip Cake, and top it with whipped cream and raspberries.


Keep Your Breadmaker Clean Keep Your Breadmaker Clean Keep Your Breadmaker Clean

A clean breadmaker brings better baking. There are nooks and crannies in your machine and dough does get sticky. Letting this build up over time is not a good idea and will eventually affect the baking process. You need to pay special attention to the moving parts like the kneading blade, so your breadmaker can perform its best. Here are some tips on how to get to the problem areas and keep it running like new. Very easy to do, and we promise it’ll make your breadmaker last longer!

Keep Your Breadmaker Clean

Baking pan cleaning tip:
fill with water and let it soak before washing. This will help soften up any dough remnants on the kneading blade and shaft, making it easier to clean.

Keep Your Breadmaker Clean

To take off a stuck kneading blade:
wiggle the wing nut located underneath the baking pan back and forth. This should help loosen the kneading blade so you can pull it off.

Keep Your Breadmaker Clean

Wiping the interior clean:
keep the heating element area and inside the lid free of breadcrumbs, flour and other remnants so they don’t burn and become hard to remove.

Keep Your Breadmaker Clean

Don’t forget the small parts:
clean out the hole in the kneading blade to keep it turning properly. Likewise any accessories like the Add Dispenser and Measuring Spoon.


Breadmaker Basics Breadmaker Basics Breadmaker Basics

Calling all bakers—whether you’re a beginner or a pro, if you want to get into the world of baking with a breadmaker, stop and do your research! We can help with some information right here in our Zojirushi pages.

Breadmaker Basics

Tons of knowledge here. Learn about the products we make and their special features, plus breadmaker recipes galore.

Breadmaker Basics

Our online store lists all of our breadmaker types. You might find some special deals here and see exactly what you need.

Breadmaker Basics

Look through our archives. Our Zojirushi 101 issues are full of technical info, recipes and articles that might interest you.

Breadmaker Basics

For a quick reference source on our breadmakers, look through our FAQ page for answers to your questions.


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