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Thank you for purchasing a Zojirushi product. Registering your Zojirushi product today will allow us to contact you in the unlikely event any safety notifications are issued for your product, and ensure efficient warranty service.

Failure to register will not diminish your warranty rights.

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1. Name & Address*:
Title :
First Name :
Initial :
Last Name :
Street :
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City :
State/Province :
Zip/Postal Code :
E-mail Address :
Phone Number (Not Required) :
2. Age:
a. 18-25
b. 26-35
c. 36-45
d. 46-55
e. 56-65
f. 66 and up
3. Marital Status:
4. Date of Purchase*:
5. Model Number*:
(located on product box)
6. Lot Number*:
(Located on the bottom or side of the product.
For model # EC-BD15 please leave blank. )
7. Store Where Purchased*:
8. Receipt:
(If you have a receipt available, please use the form below to upload.)
9. Type of Store Where Purchased:
a. Received as a Gift
b. Specialty Store
c. Online / Internet
d. Television / Catalog
e. Department Store
f. Warehouse Club
g. Grocery / Supermarket
h. Military Exchange
i. Other
10. How did you first become aware of this product?:
a. Received as a gift
b. Online/Internet
c. Magazine Article/TV Feature
d. Friends/Family Recommendation
e. Store Display/Sales Person/Store Advertisement
f. In-Store Demo
g. Advertisement (TV, Internet, Radio, etc.)
h. TV Shopping Program
i. Catalog
j. Past Experience with Zojirushi
k. Other
11. What factors most influenced your purchase?:
(Please select all that applies)
a. Received as a Gift
b. Brand Reputation
c. Product Reputation
d. Product Features
e. Product Packaging
f. Friends/Family Recommendation
g. Value for Price
h. Design/Appearance
i. Store Display
j. Quality/Durability
k. Special Offer
l. Recommendation of Salesperson
m. Zojirushi Website
n. Zojirushi Advertisement
o. Retailer Website
p. Retailer Advertisement
q. Online Reviews
r. Saw in Magazine/Catalog
s. Prior Experience with Zojirushi
12. This product is:
a. Your first product of this type
b. A replacement for a Zojirushi product of this type
c. A replacement for another brand
d. An additional purchase
13. What other brands did you consider?:
14. Which of the following products do you:
to Buy
a. Drip Coffee Maker    a.  
b. Single Serve Coffee Maker   b.  
c. Espresso Maker   c.  
d. Coffee Grinder   d.  
e. Toaster Oven/Toaster   e.  
f. Slow Cooker   f.  
g. Food Processor   g.  
h. Kitchen Scale   h.  
i. Hot Water Pot/Boiler   i.  
j. Electric Kettle   j.  
k. Hand Mixer   k.  
l. Stand Mixer   l.  
m. Breadmaker   m.  
n. Rice Cooker   n.  
o. Electric Griddle   o.  
p. Electric Indoor Grill   p.  
q. Electric Grill (Folding-Type, Panini Press)   q.  
r. Juicer   r.  
s. Blender   s.  
t. Immersion Blender   t.  
u. Steamer   u.  
15. Ethnicity:
Asian/Asian American
Asian Indian
Other Asian
African American
Hispanic/Hispanic American
Central American or South American
Mexican, Mexican American, Chicano
Other Spanish or Latino
Puerto Rican
American Indian or Alaskan Native
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
Native Hawaiian
Guamian or Chamorro
Other Pacific Islander
Other Asian
16. You are:
a. A professional
b. Self employed
c. A student
d. In the military
e. Retired
f. A homemaker
g. Other
17. Annual Household Income:
a. Under $20,000
c. $20,000 - $39,999
e. $40,000 - $59,999
g. $60,000 - $79,999
h. $80,000 - $99,999
i. $100,000 - $149,999
j. $150,000 and over
18. Any Comments?:
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