Functions & Accessories

Convenience Features

For Your Tea

“For Your Tea”
Multiple Keep Warm Temperature Settings

Direct Heat

“Direct Heat”
Quick Temp Mode

No Pump

“No Pump”
Electric Dispensing

Energy Saving

“Energy Saving”
Timer Function

Quick Serve

“Quick Serve”
Swivel Base

Actual Temperature

“Actual Temperature”
LCD Display

Slow Flow

“Slow Flow”
Café Drip Dispensing Mode

Your Preference

“Your Preference”
Nonstick or Uncoated


Water Level Gauge


Fold-Down Handle

Quick Emptying

“Quick Emptying”
Detachable Lid

Plays a Happy Tune

“Plays a Happy Tune”
Melody Signal

Safety Features


Magnetic Power Cord

Prevents Boil-Dry

“Prevents Boil-Dry”
Automatic Shut-Off

Built-In Spill Protection

“Built-In Spill Protection”
In-Spout and In-Lid

Prevent Accidental Dispensing

“Prevent Accidental Dispensing”
Automatic Dispense-Lock

Accessories Accessories Accessories


  • All Zojirushi water boilers come with a removable power cord and mesh filter.
  • Zojirushi’s Citric Acid Cleaner CD-K03E is recommended to remove scale.