They have been kneading, raising and baking dough since 1988, when we introduced our first automatic bread making wonders. Ever since then, Zojirushi has been adding more menu choices and new technology so that anybody can enjoy the smell of freshly baked bread at home. This month, put your breadmaker to work; make these snack breads and test them out on the kids (or any bread lover in your family)!


Breakfast in Bread (Bacon and Egg Mayo) Breakfast in Bread (Bacon and Egg Mayo) Breakfast in Bread (Bacon and Egg Mayo)

Breakfast in Bread (Bacon and Egg Mayo)

The perfect portable breakfast—bacon and egg in a freshly baked bun! This savory treat is great for packing in a lunch for the fam or serving to guests at your next brunch get together.

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Chocolate Morning Delight (Danish Pastry)

Swirled into light Danish style pastry, the bold sweetness of chocolate will help you get your day started. This recipe folds chocolate directly into the dough, so you taste it in every bite!

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Chocolate Morning Delight (Danish Pastry) Chocolate Morning Delight (Danish Pastry) Chocolate Morning Delight (Danish Pastry)


Beyond Bread in Your Breadmaker

Go beyond just bread—we have so many non-bread recipes on our site, you’ll be surprised at what your breadmaker can do, and we’re adding more all the time!

Meatloaf Miracle

Meatloaf Miracle

What?! Did we just say meatloaf from a breadmaker? The beauty of this recipe is that it’s self-contained, completely in your breadmaker. So easy!

Fresh Pasta Marinara

Fresh Pasta Marinara

Make fresh, hand-cut pasta with your breadmaker and enjoy Italian tonight! We’ll get you started with our yummy marinara sauce.

Very Blue Blueberry Jam

Very Blue Blueberry Jam

Think about the steps you’d take to mix and cook homemade jam on your stove. Try our way—push the button and walk away!

Breads Without Borders

Breads Without Borders Breads Without Borders Breads Without Borders

Naan. Focaccia. Challah. Baguette. Pretzel. Tortilla. Pita. Bammy. Can you name which country these breads are from? Talk about an international language, there’s nothing like food to bring us all together! Bread is certainly spoken everywhere, in all shapes, sizes and ingredients. The familiar knot-shape of the Pretzel is synonymous with baking in Germany and has been a symbol of their Bakers Guild since the 12th Century. Cornbread is very American, as Native Americans may have been the first to use ground corn (maize) as food—thousands of years ago. Zojirushi has some international breads too; try some of these and take a trip around the world!



The iconic French bread is baked to a chewy texture for which baguettes are known. This simple bread can be served with cheese.

Challah Bread

Challah Bread

Have fun tying this one into knots and see how it comes out from your oven. This is such a decorative bread; you can serve it at parties!



Just look at this pretty Italian gem! Loaded with flavor, our focaccia can easily be customized to include your favorite herbs too.



A popular Okazu-pan (savory bread) in Japan, this snacking bread is filled with mildly spicy curry and deep fried—crispy and warm!


Do the Bread Trick Do the Bread Trick Do the Bread Trick

Baking in your breadmaker isn’t tricky, but there definitely are a few tricks you can learn to get the best results.

Do the Bread Trick 1

1. Use fresh ingredients. Select ingredients by the most recent manufacturing dates and use right after opening. Always store yeast in the refrigerator.

Do the Bread Trick 2

2. Measure ingredients accurately. We recommend using a digital scale to get the most accurate weight, which is better than relying on volume.

Do the Bread Trick 3

3. Weather or room temperature may affect baking. Set your water temperature at 41°F (5°C) on hot days and 68°F (20°C) on cold days.

KDo the Bread Trick 4

4. Add ingredients in the order specified by the recipe. Tip: make a dimple in the mound of dry ingredients for the yeast, which should be kept dry.


Take a Peek Take a Peek Take a Peek

Same streamlined Zojirushi design, but now we’ve added an integrated carry handle—making the new SM-QHE48/60 the easiest bottle to take wherever you go!


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