Try these gorgeous recipes and get some color into your life! Zojirushi presents a stuffed baguette sandwich and a sushi roll with a splash of color inside—check out the cool designs made with the ingredients. These gorgeous lunches can really brighten up your backyard spread and add joy to your weekend staycation. Don’t forget to bring the drinks in one of our travel mugs, and you’re all set. Did we mention yet how clever we are? Well, you’re welcome!


Spring Medley Baguette Spring Medley Baguette Spring Medley Baguette

Spring Medley Baguette

Try your food crafting skills with this colorful baguette roll. The main ingredients are salmon and cream cheese—doesn’t that sound good already? And none of the bread is wasted here!

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Spring Flower Sushi Roll

Made in the futomaki (rolled sushi) style, this fresh vegetarian sushi is perfect for Spring. The best part of making this is when you get to slice it and get to see the design you’ve created!

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Spring Flower Sushi Roll Spring Flower Sushi Roll Spring Flower Sushi Roll


Classically Built Onigiri

Classically Built Onigiri

The original Japanese take out snack—so easy to make, even on the spur of the moment!

Mushroom Pizza Toast

Mushroom Pizza Toast

An easy recipe that you can make in a flash; so full of umami and vegetarian friendly too.

Shake It & Take It Matcha

Shake It & Take It Matcha

Whip up this refreshing drink and keep it chilled in our insulated stainless steel mug.

Oh So Soy Latte

Oh So Soy Latte

Perfect for lactose challenged diets, this silky drink will keep you warm on a chilly morning.

Get Away on a Staycation!

Make your backyard a destination this Spring Make your backyard a destination this Spring Make your backyard a destination this Spring

What do you need to have the best al fresco lunch ever? You’ll want all your favorite foods and drinks of course, and you’ll need our Zojirushi equipment to help you carry it out to your outdoor spot. What? Were you going to go back and forth to the kitchen all the time? Wouldn’t you want to start your lunch anytime you felt like it, just like a real backyard picnic? C’mon folks—that’s what a staycation is all about. If you could keep your hot foods hot and your cold drinks chilled all the time, you’ve pretty much got all you need, and your luncheon menu just got expanded by a hundred times. Check these out and fill them with your best dishes and drinks!

Lunch Jars

1. Lunch Jars

Our compartmentalized bento jars are insulated containers that can hold foods in separate sections, enough for a complete lunch to go!

Food Jars

2. Food Jars

These leak proof jars are designed to hold a single entrée that will stay hot until you’re ready to eat. Pack one for each person in your family.

Stainless Bottles

3. Stainless Bottles

Our larger capacity thermal bottles are perfect when you need drinks for the whole clan. Load up with hot coffee, or iced tea.

Stainless Mugs

4. Stainless Mugs

Our thermal mugs are great to use anywhere—even at home if you don’t want your tea getting lukewarm too fast, or the ice to dilute your juice.


Our Colorful Travel Mugs Our Colorful Travel Mugs Our Colorful Travel Mugs

Technical Colors:
Our travel mugs illustrate what happens when the best in technology comes together with the best in design. Meet our insulated bottles.

Zojirushi’s Palette

1. Zojirushi’s Palette

The coloration of our exteriors are just as important as the technology we put into our internal insulation.

Stainless Steel

2. Stainless Steel

One of our popular basics, this finish brings out the beauty of the original material with strength and durability.

Matte or Gloss

3. Matte or Gloss

Fans of either type have a variety of choices in multiple colors. Pick the one that suits your lifestyle!


4. Decorative

Patterns and illustrations make our bottles jump. Which ones strike your fancy? Get the one that stirs your imagination.


Stainless Mug SM-QHE48/60 Stainless Mug SM-QHE48/60 Stainless Mug SM-QHE48/60

Zojirushi Stainless Mug SM-QHE48/60
This is such a great idea! The Flip-and-Go handle folds neatly away when not in use, to make sure it doesn’t accidentally hook onto straps or clothing.

Stainless Mug SM-QHE48/60 1

1. Same reliable thermal insulation will keep drinks hot or cold for hours.

Stainless Mug SM-QHE48/60 2

2. SlickSteel® polished interior resists corrosion and repels stains.

Stainless Mug SM-QHE48/60 3

3. Flip top lid opens for quick sipping.

Stainless Mug SM-QHE48/60 4

4. Safety lock switch prevents lid from accidentally opening in your bag.


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